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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies


What is LitJoy Crate?

LitJoyCrate is a 1-stop shop for book lovers! We offer several products:



Head to LitJoy's SHOP for a wide selection of one-time products for readers! This shop is curated for readers of all ages.


Young Adult Subscription:

  • Young Adult Crate: this crate comes with 1 new-release YA book that is always SIGNED and a LitJoy-Exclusive Edition! Also included in this crate is 4-6 carefully curated and useful book-themed items! It also includes out collectible Photo Strips.
  • Young Adult Book-Only: this product comes with 1 new-release YA book that is always SIGNED and a LitJoy-Exclusive Edition. It also includes out collectible Photo Strips.
  • Young Adult Item-Only: this product comes with 4-6 useful book-themed items. It also includes out collectible Photo Strips.

This crate is a quarterly product. Our Young Adult products are appropriate for a readers age 14+.


Magical Subscription Crate:

Every Quarter LitJoy releases a magical-themed subscription crate.

  • There are approximately 6-8 items in the crate
  • Each item is designed around that crate's theme
  • Items are focused on quality, usefulness, and excellent design!
  • We proudly support independent artists in creating many of the items in our crates.

This crate is a quarterly product. Our Magical products are appropriate for all ages 8 and up.



LitJoy proudly publishes our own line of classic books. You can shop our Romantic Collection and our Whimsy Collection for favorite classic titles.

How do I stay updated about what is going on at LitJoy?

We are delighted to stay in touch! Here are a few ways you can stay up to date:

Sign up for our emails! This is the best way to get all announcements.

Follow us on Instagram for announcements and extra fun!

Join our Lunacorn Membership Program for behind-the-scenes content!


Will you restock sold out items?

We sometimes restock past sold out items. Here are our guidelines:

  • Items eligible to be restocked are added to our "Vote to Restock" page 
  • We do not guarantee that every item on the "Vote to Restock" page will be restocked.
  • Possible reasons why an item is not on the "Vote to Restock" page:
  • The item has moved to production and will be restocked at a later date.
  • There wasn't enough interest to be restocked.
  • Contracts with authors or artists prohibit us from restocking the item at this time.
  • We do not restock past crates or Young Adult books.



How much is a subscription?

Young Adult Quarterly Subscriptions

Crate $34.99 + shipping

Book-Only $23.99 + shipping

Items-Only $23.99 + shipping


Young Adult Annual subscriptions

Crate $135.00 + shipping (all shipping paid at time of checkout or renewal)

Book-Only $91.00 + shipping

Items $91.00 + shipping



Magical Quarterly Subscriptions - $54.99 + shipping


Magical Annual Subscriptions - $219.96 + shipping (all shipping paid at time of checkout or renewal)

I don't want this month's crate or would rather swap to a different subscription type, what do I do?

Only people who are subscribed to a month-to-month plan have an option to skip a month.

Simply log in to your account, locate your current subscription information on the left-hand side, and click "Order Schedule". On the right hand side click "Skip" for the month you wish to skip.

Skipping must be done BEFORE renewals go through on the 1st of the month.

Shipping does not apply to your first purchase. You can also "unskip" if you change your mind later.

If you have a pre-paid subscription, email for assistance in skipping your upcoming renewal.

What age range are subscriptions appropriate for?

Young Adult Subscriptions

All readers age 14+ will enjoy our Young Adult Crate. In fact, most customers who purchase our Young Adult Crates are between 20 and 30.


Magical Subscriptions

We curate this crate to be appropriate for people as young as eight, but you're never too old for magic!

How do renewals work?

When you subscribe to LitJoy Crate you will be charged immediately for the subscription model you have chosen. Once your subscription cycle has ended, you will be automatically be re-billed for the same cycle model until you decide to switch to a different plan or cancel your subscription.

For example: a Magical quarterly subscription purchased on February 15th will renew again on April 1st.

Another example: a YA annual subscriptions purchased on February 15th will renew again on May 1st.


See Young Adult and Magical subscription renewal schedule:


YA subscription

February 1st

May 1st

August 1st

November 1st



January 1st

April 1st

July 1st

October 1st


*Renewals always take place on the first of the month.

How do add-ons work and when can I purchase them?

For customers who purchase our MAIN PRODUCTS, Subscription Crates and Classic Books, LitJoy offers a 7-day period in which customers of that main product can add extra product to their order for no additional shipping! These products are called Add-Ons.


Add-Ons are available each month from the 4th to the 10th. Add-On weeks are specific to the main product of that month. Only customers of that month's main product can access that month's Add-Ons.


For example, a customer who purchases a February Young Adult Crate will have access to the February Add-Ons from February 4th-10th.


I only want one crate not a subscription, what should I do?

LitJoy offers 1-time crates to be purchased at the time that subscriptions close and only if that crate was not sold out as a subscription. These crates will become available in the LitJoy SHOP as 1-time purchases.


How do I cancel my subscription?

We hate goodbyes! But we do have some options for you to put a pause on your subscription.


Young Adult Subscriptions

You can skip a quarter. While logged in to your account, simply select "Edit" and then "Skip Shipment". We will skip your next shipment and you will not be charged. This is only applicable for quarterly subscriptions, not annual subscriptions. To cancel your Young Adult Subscription scroll to the bottom and click "Cancel Subscription"


Magical Subscriptions

We do not currently have the ability to offer the skipping option to customers of the Magical Subscription. To cancel your Magical Subscription log into your account and simply select "Edit" then scroll to the bottom and click "Cancel Subscription"

Lunacorn Memberships

You can skip a monthly renewal of your Lunacorn Membership. While logged in to your account, simply select "Edit" and then "Skip Shipment". We will skip your next shipment and you will not be charged. To cancel your Lunacorn Membership scroll to the bottom and click "Cancel Subscription"



Stay up-to-date by checking our shipping blog!

How do I change my address?

If your order has already been placed, but NOT shipped:

If your order has not shipped and we have not created a label for your order (no tracking email was sent to you yet), we can manually change your shipping address for you.

Please fill out the following form as soon as possible.

If you have moved to a different country or a different domestic shipping zone there could be an increase in shipping cost that will need to be paid to ship to the new address.


If your order has shipped:

Once your order has left our facility, or you received an email with a tracking number, we cannot change the address of the order.

In the event that your order is returned to us, we can forward it to your new address and a re-shipping fee will be applied.


If you have a subscription, and need to change your address for future orders:

Log in to your account at and click "Manage Subscriptions and Memberships". Next, click "Subscriptions", then "Edit" where you can then change the address of your subscriptions.

Note: Changing your address in other places on our site is not going to effect your active subscription.


How do I track my order?

Once your label has been printed, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with your tracking number. Make sure to check your spam folder for this email.


We are currently using USPS shipping for U.S. customers and DHL Global Mail for international customers.


For more help, please email

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are determined by carriers and are subject to change with carrier policies and price fluctuations.


International orders: Customs, duties, and import taxes are not collected by LitJoy. Your order maybe subject to additional fees upon delivery, determined by your country. International shipping reflect current international shipping rates. All non-crate items ship at current USPS and DHL International shipping rates.


Subscription orders ship for a flat rate with each renewal so that you can plan your expenses in advance. We will notify you of any change in your shipping rates in excess of $1.00 USD prior to your renewal so you can continue to plan accordingly.

Does LitJoy Crate ship internationally?

Yes! If we aren’t shipping to your country please email us at and we will consider your request.


Currently, we can not ship to the following countries:


South Africa



The COVID-19 pandemic has limited our carriers' access to certain countries. This global situation remains unpredictable and out of our control. As we receive information, we will attempt to inform customers about their order(s) if an issue arises.

When will my package arrive? What if my package does not arrive?

LitJoy cannot guarantee delivery time for orders.


US orders are shipped via USPS. Most U.S. orders will arrive within 5-10 business days, however, this is not a guaranteed shipping time frame.


International orders are shipped via DHL International. Please note that shipping in some countries takes longer than others and there is no guaranteed arrival date with international orders.


LitJoy Crate is not responsible for shipping delays due to weather, global pandemics, couriers, or theft. Note, our customer service cares about your order and would be happy to address your concerns at


When will my package ship?

All subscription crates ship on the 20-25th of each quarter. For the December holiday season, we ship 10 days early to allow more shipping time.

These dates are subject to change depending on delays on product. Emails will be sent out if there are any changes or delays.



  • Shipping Dates: January 20 - 25
  • Shipping Dates: April 25 - May 5
  • Shipping Dates: July 20 - 25
  • Shipping Dates: October 20 - 25


YA Subscription

  • Shipping Dates: February 20 - 25
  • Shipping Dates: June 14 - 18
  • Shipping Dates: August 20 - 25
  • Shipping Dates: November 20 - 25


Shop orders

Our fulfillment team ships domestic shop orders twice and international orders once a week. All pre-order items are stated on the product listing when they will be shipped.


Wuthering Heights: Shipping March 20 - 25

Secret Garden: Shipping June 20 - 25

Jane Eyre: Shipping September 20 - 25

Little Women: Shipping December 20 - 25


How do I find a coupon code I exchanged reward points for?

All reward points earned and coupon codes can be found by clicking "Rewards History" on the Rewards Page. You must be logged into your account to view them. Note, once reward points have been exchanged for a coupon code they can no longer be tallied with your other reward points. Your unused coupon codes will never expire and can be used toward any future purchase.

Can I apply multiple coupon codes to my order?

No, only one coupon code can be applied per order.

How can I exchange my reward points for a coupon code?

Add a product to your cart and go to your cart page. On the cart page click "Redeem Points". Select to exchange your points for a coupon code. Note that you must have enough reward points to qualify for the corresponding coupon code amount. A pop-up window will appear with your new coupon code.


You can choose to use the coupon code now or later. It never expires and can only be used once. The coupon is saved on your account page under "Rewards History" where you can find it anytime.

I exchanged my points for a coupon code but forgot to apply it to my order. What should I do?

Coupons cannot be applied to any order that has already been processed. The coupon is saved on your account page under "Rewards History" where you can find it anytime and apply it to a future order.

I did not get an email to review an item, what can I do?

Not every LitJoy item qualifies to receive reviews. If you purchase an item that does not qualify for reviews, you will not be sent a review email.


LitJoy does not resend review emails.


If it is a product that you have purchased in the past, including monthly subscriptions, a review email will not be prompted.


Can I combine two accounts?

We cannot combine all information from two account into one account.

If you accidentally created and checked out with a second account, please contact with both emails from both accounts and indicate which account was an accident.

We can transfer the points from your purchase and apply it to your normal account. We will then delete the accidental account.

Why are my reward points missing?

Once reward points have been exchanged for a coupon code they can not be put back into points, even if you have not completed the checkout process. Your unused coupon codes will not expire and can be used toward any future purchase. Coupon codes are saved for you in the "Rewards History" section of your LitJoy account page.


Why didn't my coupon code apply toward my full order?

Please note, coupon codes never apply towards shipping cost. Some coupon codes are only eligible for certain products.



Why can't I access the Lunacorn store/Lunacorn Facebook group?

Lunacorn Members have access to the Lunacorns Store and Facebook Group only while their membership is active. You may skip or cancelling your Lunacorns membership. You are welcome to rejoin the Lunacorns at any time. 😊

How do I join the Lunacorn Facebook group?

Search "LitJoy Lunacorns" on Facebook and request to join. If you have an active Lunacorn membership an admin will accept your request in about 48 hours. It is required that you please include your membership email address when prompted durning your request to join.

Link to Facebook page

Customer Support

Do you have questions about an order? Use our Quick Customer Support Form!

An item or book arrived damaged, what do I do?

First, please refer to our damage guidelines below to determine if your product qualifies as a damaged. If you product qualifies, please complete the customer service form. This form must be complete within 14 days of receiving the product. We will require photos of the damaged product beside your shipping label.

LitJoy does not replace any packaging that an item comes in, regardless of how beautiful the packaging.

Does LitJoy offer returns or refunds?

LitJoy does not offer returns and refunds on orders.

In the rare circumstance where we offer a refund or return, the payment processing fees will not be refunded and any discount code applied is then forfeited. Returns can not be issued on shipped products.


I received my order and an item was missing, what should I do?

We are so sorry about that! Please fill out our customer service form. You must fill out this form within 14 days of the order arriving.


Form includes:

Subject options:


Order number:

Order email:

Missing item(s):

Why can't I sign into my account?

There are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem.

First, verify that the email address you are trying to log in with is the same email address you received a LitJoy confirmation email to.

Second, you may have previously checked out as a guest. Please take the email associated with your last order and create an account with that EXACT same email.


If you're still having trouble, email and we will send you an account invite so you can create a login and password with us.


Do you have questions about an order? Use our Quick Customer Support Form!

When do I need to cancel to ensure I am not billed again for the next renewal?

You must cancel by the final day of the month before renewal. Otherwise, you will be billed again on the 1st of the month and will receive that month’s crate.



How can I pay for my order?

LitJoy accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and pre-paid Visa Gift Cards.

We also offer Klarna for U.S. customers:

  • The order must be over $35
  • Klarna not available for subscription products


Note, all pre-orders products are billed at the time of checkout.

I need to update my payment method, what should I do?

First, log into your LitJoy Account. Navigate to "Manage Subscriptions". Select "Billing Information". There you can update your payment information and change your billing method.

*Please note that your account is created from your billing email. Entering a new/different email than your previous billing email will automatically create a separate account.

My payment failed, what should I do?

This is an error with your payment account, not LitJoy's system. We recommend:

  • Make sure you have enough funds in your account.
  • If necessary, update your payment information on your LitJoy account to a different payment method.

If I order a pre-order item when am I charged?

All pre-order products are charged at checkout at the time of purchase.



Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Damages Policy

Books- Our books go through a quality check process however there are times when some damages may have slipped through or damages occurred during shipping.


Books are considered damaged if:

  • They have a tear or dent bigger than 2 cm on the cover.
  • Tears on the inside that extend into the text are considered damage.
  • Books that have water damage.
  • Books that should be signed and are not.

We do not consider a book damaged if:

  • Pages or the Dust Jacket have folds or creases.
  • Uneven or over-sprayed edges.
  • Scratches on any part of the book.


Enamel Pins - The following imperfections are considered Grade A quality and do not warrant a replacement.

  • Small buff marks or scratches on the metal or enamel of the pin. Our enamel pins are hand buffed and will experience light scratches during this process that are unavoidable.
  • Small air bubbles.
  • Some slight imperfections in the metal plating.
  • Some slight imperfections in screen printing details.
  • Minor oxidation on the back of the pins.


Ceramics - Our ceramics are made of organic material that has a handmade component to them so slight imperfections are bound to happen. Below are imperfections that do pass our quality standards.

  • Small but noticeable bubbles.
  • Small but noticeable blank dot
  • Small but noticeable under or over glazing
  • Minor chips on the bottom of the ceramic that does not impede the integrity of the product.


Bookish Items

We attempt and quality-check every LitJoy product. Unfortunately, some damaged products slip by or are damaged while in shipment. All damage claims must be submitted within a 14-day period upon receiving the item. Please email with your order number and pictures of the damages. LitJoy reserves the right to determine if a product is considered damaged and will issue compensation as we see fit.

*LitJoy does not replace or offer refunds on damages on the packaging of the products.

Rewards Policy