Poor Unfortunate Souls

A heart-stopping tale in a crate straight from the deep blue sea!

Literary Explosion Collection

Get your LitJoy on with this colorful, literary design.

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All Things DC Icons Books on Instagram and Facebook LIVE!

All Things Superhero: Alix and Robin tell ALL about the new DC Icons novels, including Wonder Woman, Batman, Catwoman, and Superman

LitJoy Crate Tea Cup Craft

Tea Cup craft on Instagram and Facebook LIVE!

Alix, Ali and Debra get crafty with teacups from The Leaf Reader crate, and talk book boyfriends, divination and why women in the 1800s were forced to wear skirts.

Batman Nightwalker background

Marie Lu Brings Batman to Life

You have to know the original cartoon theme song to Batman, right? Well, if you didn’t, I won’t judge you and your lack of knowledge of everything DC Icons. But, no worries. Because Batman is back and in young adult form. That is, novel form.

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