Bookmarked Last Month: January 2023

Bookmarked Last Month: January 2023

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Welcome to our inaugural "Bookmarked Last Month" series! This is where you'll find our favorite posts across social throughout the previous month. If you've got bookish pictures, videos, or memes to share, we want to see them! And we just might ask if we could feature your post on a future "Bookmarked Last Month" post.

A theme emerged from January's bookmarked list: you are IN LOVE with LitJoy and Holly Black's sold out collaboration on the Folk of the Air Special Edition Box Set and The Cruel Prince products—especially the gorgeous bookshelf alley designed by one of our favorite artists @rosiethorns88.

With stunning cover art designed by @micaelaalcainodesign; signature pages by @tanaudel; tip-in art by, @bohemianweasel, and @gabriella.bujdoso; and endpapers by @arz28, the special edition box set is probably our most favorite collection yet! We love that you’re all thrilled with it, too!

The Box Set

We’re obsessed with @brenandpip’s cottage core, vintage-inspired, fantasy cosplay photoshoot with The Folk of the Air box set, and think you should be, too! They ask:

“What could I become if I stopped worrying about death, about pain, about anything? If I stopped trying to belong? Instead of being afraid, I could become something to fear.” ~Jude Duarte, Chapter 18, Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

And @booksandbutterflies seems to respond with this quote from the audiobook version of The Cruel Prince spoken over as they span the books and flip through the pages of the first book in the series:

“If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse.” ~Jude Duarte, Chapter 18, Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

@booksandbutterflies THIS SERIES 🥹❤️🙈 #booktok #litjoyspecialedition #thecruelprince ♬ original sound - EllenCait Reads

We can feel @LoweanaArt’s excitement as she shares the tip-in art she created for the series! The leftmost art piece is in The Cruel Prince, the middle piece is in The Wicked King, and the rightmost art piece is in The Queen of Nothing.

We ADORE her gorgeous art and how it brings the scenes to life!

The Bookshelf Alley

Okay, we’re suckers for a good unboxing! This TikTok by @hey.hey.haley shows off the amazing three-dimensional aspect of The Cruel Prince Elfhame Bookshelf Alley which is so cool even when the light’s not on!

@hey.hey.haley I love the @litjoycrate book alley so much! It will look amazing on my shelf #bookalley #litjoycrate #folkoftheair #cruelprince #hollyblack #booktok ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Take a look at the bookshelf alley in its proper place and with the backlight on! We also couldn’t help but laugh at @kreads__ clever use of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” lyrics.

@kreads__ The Cruel Prince Bookshelf Alley from @litjoycrate #thecruelprince #folkoftheair #judeandcardan #hollyblack #litjoycrate #bookaccessories #bookishhumor #specialeditionbooks #booktok #fantasyromancebooks #kreads__ ♬ I have this thing - Emily

I think we can all agree with @lanamonet__; we’re in love with the Folk of the Air The Cruel Prince Elfhame Bookshelf Alley, too!

We love @courtmillecam’s shout out to @rosiethorns88 art on our Sorcery of Thorns art print! Isn’t it gorgeous?

We want moony toast now thanks to @mmdilseeah! As you can see, The Haunted Shack mug is the perfect compliment to a yummy breakfast!

@mmdilseeah marauders era has given me the most comfort ever 💝 and just putting this out there, i am a prongs who needs a moony 😭✨ #moonypadfootprongs #maraudersera #remuslupin #moonytoast #messersmoonypadfootandprongs #padfoot #prongs #marauderstok #breakfasttoast #litjoy #litjoycrate #harrypotter #hptiktok #jamespotter #siriusblack #peterpettigrew #wormtail #hogwarts #hogwartsismyhome ♬ Anything for our Moony - Star 💫

“Anything for our Moony!”

SPOILER WARNING: Gods and Viking Crate.

Okay, we already mentioned we're suckers for a good unboxing, but unboxing + good audio to create a story vibe, heck yes! @frayedbinding shows off all of the items in the Gods & Vikings Crate, our last YA crate, with the perfect viking aesthetic!

@frayedbindings @litjoycrate's last YA crate from Nov. Everything is stunning! #booktok #bookshelf #unboxing #litjoy ♬ Valhalla Calling - Miracle of Sound

As we slide into February, we couldn’t help but add a meme we shared at the beginning of January.

If your new year’s resolution was to finish your TBR, you might feel called out by this meme, but we assure you, we’re calling ourselves out, too!

Check out more memes on our socials! And keep on sharing all things bookish; you may just get a shoutout here on “Bookmarked Last Month”.

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