Divine Rivals: Thoughts & Spoilers!

Divine Rivals: Thoughts & Spoilers!

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Episode Title:

Divine Rivals: Thoughts and Spoilers!

Episode 9 Divine Rivals: Thoughts & Spoilers! Alix right, Kelly left

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Episode Summary:

SPOILERS WARNING! This episode contains spoilers.

In this episode, LitJoy owners Kelly and Alix discuss one of our favorite reads from 2023, Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Book summary [2:35]
  • Trigger warnings [4:45]
  • Fall into the cinematic setting of Divine Rivals! [5:20]
  • Enemies to lovers . . . excuse me while I drool [8:11]
  • Iris as a guarded character [11:00]
  • Character names and what they mean [13:15]
  • Becoming a war correspondent [14:00]
  • You have a magical typewriter, what do you do with it? [14:45]
  • Iris's mom as a difficult character [18:55]
  • Iris will save herself, but Roman could be such a hero! [21:00]
  • Roman's character arc. Parents can mess their kids up! [24:00]
  • The Darcy moment, walking through the field [29:10]
  • Sparkly Edward [30:35]
  • The big reveal! We thought it would be a bigger deal. [31:55]
  • So her brother seems to have been through thingssss...also the gods are awake now [33:00]
  • Roman, I am healed! Kind of... [34:45]
  • Book 2 predictions [37:50]
  • Our favorite characters in the book [39:20]
  • Book 2 predictions, again [40:35]

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