Grumpy x Sunshine Trope Playlist

Grumpy x Sunshine Trope Playlist

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Ah, the timeless allure of the romance book tropes– a ship that pairs two seemingly opposite personalities, each with their own quirks and dispositions. This trope is extremely popular with romance readers— and for a good reason! We love it so much we made our own Grumpy x Sunshine trope playlist.

Yellow Smiley Face and Blue Grumpy Face

What is the Grumpy x Sunshine Trope?

In the Grumpy x Sunshine relationship dynamic, the brooding and reserved "grumpy" character, whose exterior shields a heart of gold, meets their vivacious and radiant "sunshine" counterpart, whose infectious positivity has the power to light up even the darkest corners. The two form an unlikely bond and find love and acceptance in one another, despite the differences in how they approach the world. Some of our favorite examples of this trope in literature are The Love Hypothesisby Ali Hazelwood, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, and Beach Read by Emily Henry.

Spotify Playlist Song Inspiration

Here at LitJoy, we can’t get enough of the Grumpy x Sunshine trope, so we made a whole playlist dedicated to songs that evoke the feelings of such a relationship. An example from our curated playlist is the song “Fine Line” by Harry Styles. The song has lyrics devoted to a relationship where someone holds their emotions closer to the chest, but is in love with someone who is referred to as a “sunshine.”The words "sunshine" drawn in a fogged up window with rain outside

In “needy” by Ariana Grande, the song focuses more on the sunshine part of the relationship. They sing about feeling needy for wanting more love from the person they adore, whereas the object of their adoration is more reserved about their bond.

So, if you're ready to immerse yourself in a world where opposites attract, where moods collide, and where love blossoms against all odds, stay tuned as we dive into the melodies that bring the Grumpy x Sunshine romance trope to life. From Troye Sivan to Taylor Swift to Arctic Monkeys, we’ve curated the perfect vibe to go along with your favorite bookish Grumpy x Sunshine ship!

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