Happy Birthday Lunacorns, Our Lunacorn Era is Now!

Happy Birthday Lunacorns, Our Lunacorn Era is Now!

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Happy Birthday, Lunacorns!

Our Lunacorn Era is NOW! It's our birthday and we're celebrating all month long! Every week this month we will be partying with the Lunacorns in the form of freebies, giveaways, and discounts! We can't wait to start living it up with you.5 balloons. Each balloon tells the Lunacorn birthday promo for each week of Lunacorns Birthday Month

Not a Lunacorn? Now is the perfect time to sign up and join our exclusive VIP membership! Learn more and become a Lunacorn today !

We're kicking off Week 1 with a hint of nostalgia! We're thrilled to introduce the Lunacorn Eras Enamel Pin. A tribute to our journey together, and a nod to an iconic singer, this iconic pin features colorful squares showing the Lunacorns' evolution. As a birthday gift to you, we're giving this pin to every Lunacorn! Simply add this pin to your order, and it's yours for FREE! Wear it proudly to let everyone know you're in your Lunacorn Era.Announcing Week 1 Giveaway: a Free Lunacorn Era Pin

Stay tuned for more!

Here's a breakdown of all the festivities:

🎉 Week 1 (Oct 1-7): NEW Lunacorns Promotional Pin drop!

Announcing Week 1 Giveaway: a Free Lunacorn Era Pin

🌟 Week 2 (Oct 8-14): We're showering you with bonus points, just because you're awesome! AND we have an exciting giveaway!

🎙️ Week 3 (Oct 15-21): Join us for our Lunacorn Live session featuring Alix and Kelly, the brilliant minds (and founders) behind LitJoy. Plus, you guessed it, an enticing giveaway!

🛍️ Week 4 (Oct 22-28): Brace yourself for the ultimate shopping spree with a HUGE discount! Keep an eye on your inbox for the exclusive discount code. Oh, and did we mention there's yet another giveaway?

🎈 Week 5 (Oct 29-31): It's our lucky year because we get to celebrate our extraordinary Lunacorns for a full five weeks! And what's a celebration without a spectacular Birthday Finale giveaway?

Get ready to party like it's our Lunacorn Era because this birthday month is going to be legendary! 🦄🎂



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