Magic Awakens - Spring YA Update

2 minute read

Hey Booklovers,

We have been so excited to get the Magic Awakens May YA crate to you. The final item arrived and it’s so cute, it will feel like a warm hug every time you use it! We started quality checking the books last week and were devastated at the quality. The books came with major binding issues, including how the author letter and tip in pages were bound. The publisher has agreed to reprint these, and we have already started that process but we don’t have a firm date for its completion.

Due to limitations with the author living internationally (where is the pixie dust when you need it?!?), we will not be able to get these books signed. The new print run will include a digital signature. We will also send you a signed bookplate to add to your book as soon as the author gets them to us.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with this. We will be giving all of our customers who purchased this crate 50 reward points! This will be given at the time we ship the crates. If you would like to cancel your order please email .



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