National Clean Your Desk Day: New Year, Clean Desk!

National Clean Your Desk Day: New Year, Clean Desk!

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Every year on the 2nd Monday of January comes National Clean Your Desk Day! The holidays are over; the decorations are (probably) put away; it's a new year; we're back to work and more settled than we were last week. It's the perfect time to transform your messy desk into a clean and organized workspace. So grab a trash can and office cleaning products to start the year with a clean desk and a fresh new look!

Whether you work from home or in an office, LitJoy is here to help! From bookish office supplies to bookish decor, we've got what you need for an organized and unique workspace.

Office Supplies & Stationary

Upgrade your office desk tools with the Android Repair Office Supply Kit! The rose gold paper clips, binder clips, and push pins give off an air of elegance. You'll feel just like Cinderella at the ball!  Android Repair Office Supply Kit sold by LitJoy

If you're in need of new stationary, you can choose from the classics like the Emma Clipboard and Notepad or Classic Literature Greeting Cards featuring our favorite classic romances Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre. Or maybe you'd like a contemporary spin on the classics with the Bridgerton Stationary Box complete with washi tape and a feather pen.

Emma Notebook and Classic Greeting Cards sold by LitJoy

Bridgerton Stationary

And hold your stacks of paper magically in place with the Philospher's Stone as a paper weight. Your office mates (or pets) won't even know the power it wields!

Philosopher's Stone as paper weight sold by LitJoy


It's time to get new notebooks for the year! If you're like us, you need a separate notebook for different topics, and with five styles celebrating different book fandoms like classics, magical, and vampires, we've got you covered! 

Jane Eyre Notebook Set sold by LitJoy Jane Eyre Notebook Set Wuthering Heights Notebook Set Sold by LitJoy Wuthering Heights Notebook Set
Little Women Spiral Notebook sold by LitJoy Little Women Spiral Notebook Compendium of Magical Creatures Notebook sold by LitJoy A Compendium of Magical Creatures Notebook 
Vampire Academy Notebook sold by LitJoy Vampire Academy Notebook 


Of course, you'll need to replace those spent pens you've thrown out, so why not unlock your thoughts with a Key Gel Pen that slides beautifully across the page, or make your day shine with a gorgeous metallic crystal pen that comes in 3 different colors including rose gold to match those desk tools above!

Key Gel Pens sold by LitJoy

Metallic Crystal Pens sold by LitJoy

Perhaps you'd like to harken back to the era when quill and ink were how we wrote things down. These elegant feather quill pens or plastic feather pens will save you the time (and mess) of the bygone era while still feeling transported.

Feather Quill Pens sold by LitJoy Plastic Feather Quill pen sold by LitJoy

Accessory Holders

With your fresh supply of pens and accessories, you'll need a place to store everything neat and tidy on your desk. LitJoy has you covered with the perfect items for storing your goods to avoid a cluttered desk.

Zipper Pouches

The Jane Eyre Library Card zipper pouch is perfect for holding many different items that take up space on your office desk. You'll also enjoy seeing some of your favorite Jane Eyre character signatures including Mr. Rochester, Helen Burns, Bertha Mason, Adéle Varens, and St. John Rivers.

Jane Eyre Zipper Pouch

ACOTAR zipper pouch sold by LitJoy

This ACOTAR Zipper Pouch will take you to the home of the Night Court and its sub-courts of Dreams and Nightmares with the gorgeous stained glass art of the Illyrian Mountains.

Or relive your childhood favorites with a Little Women Pencil Pouch and keep your loose change or other secrets in one place with the Secret Garden Coin Pouch

Little Women Pencil Pouch and Secret Garden coin purse sold by LitJoy

Book Tins

Another option for organizing your work station is to keep your office tools in a book tin. You could add them to your desk for decor or store them on a nearby bookshelf to free up space.

Frankenstein Book Tin sold by LitJoy Frankenstein Book Tin ACOTAR Book Tin Sold by LitJoy ACOTAR Book Tin
Circus of Dreams Book Tin

Book Vases

Is it an office accessory holder or office decor...or BOTH? The word "vase" may throw you off, but hear us out. These bookish vases featuring covers of some of our favorite classics and magical stories are the perfect size for storing pens, pencils, markers, bookmarks, rulers, etc., or flowers, of course. AND they double as gorgeous decor so it's a win-win!

Wuthering Heights Book Vase sold by LitJoy Wuthering Heights Book Vase Anne of Green Gables Book Vase sold by LitJoy Anne of Green Gables Book Vase
Books and Brilliance Book Vase sold by LitJoy Books and Brilliance Book Vase

Trinket dishes

For those odds and ends desk items that you need to keep around, when you need to take off your jewelry to put lotion on your hands, or a place for your afternoon tea, grab a bookish trinket dish that fits your office aesthetic.

Pride and Prejudice Trinket Dishes sold by LitJoy Pride and Prejudice Trinket Dishes Jane Austen Trinket Tray sold by LitJoy Jane Austen Tray
The Great Gatsby Trinket Tray sold by LitJoy The Great Gatsby Trinket Tray


Speaking of afternoon tea, keep your desk free of any drinking glass rings with a set of Magical Animal Familiar Coasters or The Wrath and the Dawn Inspired Mug Rug . [three cell table image on either side of linked list or just one photo with both]

Magical Animal Familiar Coasters sold by LitJoy The Wrath and the Dawn Inspired Mug Rug sold by LitJoy


When your work keeps you on the go, LitJoy has several bags and totes for your traveling needs and keeps the items you need to take with you off of your desk.

Hermes Express Messenger Bag sold by LitJoy

Hermes Express Messenger Bag

Magical Sports Backpack sold by LitJoy Magical Sports Backpack
Where Shhhh Happens Book Tote sold by LitJoy Where Shhhh Happens Book Tote  Jane Eyre Tote Bag sold by LitJoy Jane Eyre Tote
Foldable Cat Bag sold by LitJoy Foldable Cat Bag

Office Decor

Now that your desk is clean and organized, you can start to add more personal touches with some bookish decor for inspiration while you work.

Light up your desk with the Witch Discovery Book Lamp and decorate your shelves with magical fairy doors, light boxes, and bookshelf alleys that let you travel through time and space. Witch Discovery Book Lamp sold by LitJoy

Fairy Doors

Headmaster's Office Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Headmaster's Office Fairy Door Magical Portrait Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Magical Portrait Fairy Door
Baker Street Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Baker Street Fairy Door Wardrobe Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Wardrobe Fairy Door
Police Box Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Police Box Fairy Door

Light Boxes

Elven Home Light Box sold by LitJoy Elven Home Light Box Brothers Light Box sold by LitJoy Brothers Light Box
Darkin Shadow Light Box Darkin Shadow Light Box Standing Stone Light Box Standing Stones Light Box

Bookshelf Alleys

Halfling Bookshelf Alley

Halfling Bookshelf Alley sold by LitJoy

The Cruel Prince Elfhame Bookshelf Alley
(spoiled on IG 1/2)

The Cruel Prince Elfhame Bookshelf Alley sold by LitJoy

Whether you choose to clean your desk this today, this month or throughout the year, you can find all of these products and more in our Office Supplies and Decor Collection! Check it out!

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