Fourth Wing Book Club Discussion

Fourth Wing Book Club Discussion

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The LitJoy Podcast, Episode Title - Ep. 3 Fourth Wing Book Club Discussion

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Episode summary:

In this episode, LitJoy owners Kelly and Alix discuss the very popular and best selling new adult fantasy novel, Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. They discuss spoilers and theories and also offer predictions for Iron Flame and the rest of the The Empyrean series. They also geek out about the characters in The Empyrean series and, of course, those steamy moments throughout the book.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Should I read Fourth Wing? [2:56]
  • About Rebecca Yarros [5:06]
  • How Fourth Wing came about [6:56]
  • Why do you think this book was so hyped? [8:34]
  • Dragon lovemaking and such [10:00]
  • The emergence of the new adult genre [12:36]
  • Who sees Violet for who she truly is? [15:26]
  • The death of Violet's . . . [20:16]
  • Venin, daggers, and theories [22:16]
  • Whiny little biiiitch [24:06]
  • Empowering the female protagonist and the female reader [26:01]
  • The push for more inclusion in literature and beyond [30:06]
  • Violet's chronic pain and how this was inspired by Rebecca [30:56]
  • Back to steamy scenes and the spice levels [36:40]
  • POV change! What's going on? [41:51]
  • Dain is a little biiiitch [43:36]
  • Predictions for Iron Flame [45:36]

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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  • Correction, book 2 comes out November 7, 2023 [3:00]

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