Six of Crows Annotated Special Edition Box Set SNEAK PEEKS

Six of Crows Annotated Special Edition Box Set SNEAK PEEKS

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It’s time for a spoiler so enticing, you won't be able to keep your “Dirtyhands” off of it! LitJoy has an ace up our sleeves when it comes to our Six of Crows Annotated Special Edition Box Set ! Not only will both books feature foiled show-stealing casewrap covers and foiled dust jackets, all designed by the clever ​​@micaelaalcainodesign, but the dust jackets include clever cutouts that reveal the casewrap underneath!

Feast your eyes on a cover that will steal the show on your bookshelf, dust jackets that will leave you swooning, and meticulously crafted annotations (from Leigh herself!) that will unlock hidden gems within the story. Just like Kaz Brekker's crew, this box set is a masterpiece of cunning and intrigue, designed to delight even the most discerning Grisha. Place all your bets on this box set–it’s sure to be a winning hand in your book collection.

Six of Crows

Six of Crows Dust Jackets

Six of Crows Dust Jackets from the Annotated Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy

The dust jackets for both books in the series showcase the city of Ketterdam and the quote "No Mourners, no funerals," setting the tone for the daring adventures that lie within. Use your keen eyes to spot each hidden gem . . . such as Inej's daggers, Jesper's guns, and Kaz's distinctive cane, cleverly woven into the spine design. On the Six of Crows dust jacket, uncover striking visuals, including crows, aces, and poker chips, all symbolizing the infamous Crow Club and its enigmatic leader, Kaz. These intricately designed dust jackets are a treasure trove of details that will captivate fans of the series and add an extra layer of intrigue to your reading experience.

Six of Crows Casewraps

Casewraps for the Six of Crows Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy

The casewraps of the box set are exquisitely designed to resemble playing cards, with each card showcasing beloved characters from the book. The back of the casewrap features items that are emblematic of Kaz Brekker: dice, a lock (he’d definitely pick), crow skulls, and a chalice reminiscent of the Dregs' iconic tattoo. On the front side, you'll find items representing Inej, her trademark daggers, peacock feathers symbolizing her time in the Menagerie, crow feathers, and the ship gifted to her by Kaz. This meticulously crafted casewrap is a perfect tribute to the unforgettable characters in Six of Crows.

Crooked Kingdom

Crooked Kingdom Dust Jackets

Crooked Kingdom Dust Jackets from LitJoy

The captivating dust jacket design for Crooked Kingdom showcases four of the main characters. On the front, you'll find a majestic wolf symbolizing Matthias, accompanied by a heart that represents Nina and her extraordinary yet chilling power as a Heartrender. Flip to the back, and you'll be enthralled by the roses and a skull, embodying Nina's ability to command the dead. A music scroll pays homage to Wylan's deep passion for music, while cherry blossoms adorn the design, reminiscent of Jesper's poignant connection to his late mother's burial place. This carefully crafted artwork captures the essence of the beloved characters and their unique abilities, making it a must-have addition to your book collection.

Crooked Kingdom Casewraps

Crooked Kingdom Casewraps by LitJoy

This Crooked Kingdom casewrap design pays homage to Nina and Matthias. The skull symbolizes Nina's power over the dead while the wolf represents Matthias. The white roses on the front cover are a nod to Nina's association with the White Rose and on the back cover, you'll find a representation of Wylan and Jesper–the flutes are a tribute to Wylan's musical talent, while the guns signify Jesper's ever-present companions. The poker chips also serve as a symbolic representation of Jesper's love for gambling. All these intricate elements come together in a symphony of brilliant design and celebrate Crooked Kingdom!


A feature of this Special Edition that truly makes it worthy to join your book collection is the Six of Crows annotations from Leigh Bardugo! The first book in this box set is filled with 100+ annotated notes from Leigh. Learn what inspired Bardugo’s characters, scenes, and plot in her own words and in her handwriting. These annotations make this box set something to cherish!

Signature Page from Six of Crows Annotated Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy

Leigh Bardugo's annotated pages

Leigh Bardugo annotations in Six of Crows sold by LitJoy

The Six of Crows Annotated Special Edition Box Set is $125.

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• April 19 - Preorders Open for Lunacorns

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• Estimated Ship Date - Fall 2023

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