Take Me Home Crate

Take Me Home Crate

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11/29/2023: Take Me Home will start shipping the middle of next week and will continue to ship over the next few weeks due to the influx of holiday orders. When your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. 

11/14/2023: We are currently waiting on the final item to arrive in your magical box before we begin shipping. If you need to update the shipping address on your order please update it:HERE.

11/02/2023: Take Me Home is currently slated to ship during the late fall season, extending into the month of December. We encountered an unforeseen delay due to multiple boxes being stolen during transit. As a result, we had to initiate the remake of a specific item in the magical box. We apologize for the delay and will continue to keep you updated on the progress of your order. If you need the address updated on your order please fill out this form:HERE.

10/20/23: We are still on track to ship your last magical box late fall. 

10/02/2023: We are happy to let you know that the Magical Crate is still set to arrive by owl post late fall. If you need to update your shipping address, please fill out this form:HERE.

9/15/2023: We wanted to update you that Take Me Home boxes are still scheduled to ship this FALL. 

9/6/2023: Our final magical box, Take Me Home, is being crafted with care and is still scheduled to ship Fall 2023.

8/23/2023: We are still on track to ship late Fall 2023. If you need the address updated on your order please fill out this form HERE. 

8/14/2023: Our team of skilled wizards is hard at work to ensure that your final magical crate is nothing short of extraordinary and will ship LATE FALL 2023.

07/20/2023: Our last magical crate is jam packed and production is on track to ship fall 2023. If you need to update your shipping address you can fill the form HERE

05/30/2023: We are starting to get items from this crate and couldn't be more excited.  We are still on track to ship this fall!

05/10/2023: We wanted to keep you updated on your Take Me Home Crate. You'll be embarking on this final adventure in the Magical Subscription this fall. We are excited to take this magical journey with you and experience the nostalgia from a world we hope you'll always love.

04/26/2023: Thank you for your recent order of the Take Me Home Magical Crate. We are thrilled to have you on this magical journey with us, and we couldn't be more grateful for your support. This magical crate will be shipping in the fall.

It has been a time of mixed emotions here at LitJoy with this final magical crate. While we won't be creating any more crates, our Magical Collection is growing! New magical products will now be going directly to our shop. So stay tuned, and keep your wand at the ready.

Thank you again for your support and for joining us on this magical journey. We're grateful to have you as part of our community, and we can't wait to share more enchantment with you in the future.

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