The Nevernight Chronicle: Godsgrave

The Nevernight Chronicle: Godsgrave

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Gentlefriends, the time has come to take a look inside LitJoy’s The Nevernight Chronicle Collector’s Edition Box Set! Included in this special edition box set are all three books in The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff: Nevernight, Godsgrave, and Darkdawn.

The Nevernight Chronicle box set comes in a fully illustrated slipcase. Each book has gorgeous faux leather covers (art by @signum.noir) with embossed designs, and comes with illustrated end pages (art by @jjcanvas_art). The page edges also feature a custom design featuring the iconic words: “Never Flinch. Never Fear. Never Forget.”

Let’s peek inside Godsgrave! SPOILER WARNING for those who have this dark tale on their TBR list!

The first piece of tip-in art by @jeleynai shows the end of an epic battle for Mia Corvere. After being sold into slavery to be a gladiator, Mia finds herself fighting a giant creature called a Wretchworm in front of an arena full of onlookers. Once she’s defeated the Wretchworm, she screams to the crowd: “WHAT’S MY NAME?” and the crowd responds, “CROW!” We knew this incredible scene had to be included as tip-in art!

The scene depicted in this art by @tomrobertsillustration happens between Mia and her fellow gladiator and accomplished fighter, Furion. Though Furion is a Darkin like Mia, he also thinks Darkin are evil and doesn’t want to acknowledge his own powers. When Mia and Furion spar each other, their shadows also become entangled. Though violence fills the air, they’re also drawn to each other in a passionate way.  

Mia and Ashlinn are the focus of the next piece of tip-in art by This picture comes after a lusty scene between the two, and shows them lounging in bed as Mia smokes her signature clove cigarettes. Mia’s search for the map to the Crown of the Moon comes to an end when she finds the map on Ashlinn’s back; it is branded on her back, and if Ashlinn dies, the map disappears.
This heartbreaking tip-in art by @tombagshaw shows Maggot, the eleven-year-old healer at the Crow’s Nest. Maggot, who Mia has taken a liking to, is tragically poisoned. Everyone gathers around as they put her on the funeral pyre. 
The final tip-in art of Godsgrave, drawn by @DianaDworak, focuses on Mia’s second major revenge kill of the series. The murder happens when Mia is the last person standing in the Venatus Magni. After she is called up to be recognized, she sees both Cardinal Duomo and Julius Scaeva, and believes she can kill both of them in one go. She announces she’s Mia Corvere, then slashes Duomo’s throat and plunges her knife into who she believes to be Scaeva before grabbing her long-lost brother and jumping off a cliff. Talk about a dramatic exit!

All three books are HAND SIGNED by Jay Kristoff on a unique, fully-illustrated signature page (designed by Ash Jamieson)! Jay has also ANNOTATED every book. With over 650+ annotations and drawings from Jay, fans are sure to learn even more about the Nevernight series!

Plus, The Nevernight Chronicle special edition has BONUS CONTENT: a new letter from Jay to LitJoy customers, a bonus chapter (Damsel) in Godsgrave, three bonus chapters (Question, Three, and Ashes) in Darkdawn,andfull-color versions of the original manuscript maps.

Each box set also comes with a FREE Adventure Card! Shop The Nevernight Chronicle Collector’s Edition Box Set today, and make sure to check out The Nevernight Chronicle Trilogy Collection for items inspired by the series!

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