The Nevernight Chronicle: Nevernight

The Nevernight Chronicle: Nevernight

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Gentlefriends, the time has come to take a look inside LitJoy’s The Nevernight Chronicle Collector’s Edition Box Set! Included in this special edition box set are all three books in The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff: Nevernight, Godsgrave, and Darkdawn.

The Nevernight Chronicle box set comes in a fully illustrated slipcase. Each book has gorgeous faux leather covers (art by @signum.noir) with embossed designs, and comes with illustrated end pages (art by @jjcanvas_art). The page edges also feature a custom design featuring the iconic words: “Never Flinch. Never Fear. Never Forget.”

Let’s peek insideNevernight! SPOILER WARNING for those who have this dark tale on their TBR list!

The first tip-in illustration by @tomrobertsillustrationshows Mia and Tric in their first epic battle together against the sand kraken. On their way to the Red Church, they pass through the Whisper Wastes and come across the fearsome creature! After a hard-fought battle, Mia defeats it by throwing Fat Daniio’s “widowmaker” chili into its mouth— how’s that for improvisation?!

This illustration by @DianaDworak depicts young Mia meeting Mercurio for the first time. This scene happens after Mia’s life is devastated by the tragedy of losing her parents and cat. We also meet another fan favoriteNevernight character: Mr. Kindly! The book describes the shadow cat as being “thin as vellum,” so we decided to put him on a special page made out of vellum! Flip the page to watch him appear and disappear!

This tip-in art by @tombagshaw shows one of the most iconic scenes in The Nevernight Chronicle: Mia’s first blood walk. Blades move around the Republic by entering pools of blood, which allow them to travel anywhere. As an acolyte of the Red Church, Mia learns to use the blood pools, and emerges drenched in blood (and looks awesome doing it!).

This steamy scene takes place on a difficult night for Mia. After Mr. Kindly has left her side, Mia’s fear returns, and she is confronted with nightmares of her childhood. To quell her fears, Mia sneaks into Tric’s room so she doesn’t have to sleep alone; Tric, however, is quick to put a knife to her throat before realizing it’s her! This art piece by @DianaDworak is what Jay affectionately refers to as “TricButt.” 

The Nevernight Chronicle is a revenge story, and this art by shows the scene of one of Mia’s kills in the name of vengeance. This tip-in art piece shows Mia’s murder of Justicus Remus to get revenge for the death of her father and the terrible things that happened to her family. Remus uses holy light against Mia, which hurts her because she is Darkin. However, Mia has a few tricks up her sleeve! She steps into her shadow and moves through it so that she can come up behind Remus and slash his throat. 

All three books are HAND SIGNED by Jay Kristoff on a unique fully illustrated signature page (designed by Ash Jamieson)! Jay has also ANNOTATED every book. With over 650+ annotations and drawings from Jay, fans are sure to learn even more about the Nevernight series!

Plus, The Nevernight Chronicle special edition has BONUS CONTENT: a new letter from Jay to LitJoy customers, a bonus chapter (Damsel) in Godsgrave, three bonus chapters (Question, Three, and Ashes) in Darkdawn,andfull-color versions of the original manuscript maps. Each box set also comes with a FREE Adventure Card!

Shop The Nevernight Chronicle Collector’s Edition Box Set today, and make sure to check out The Nevernight Chronicle Trilogy Collection for items inspired by the series!

The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set

The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set


Grab your twin blades and gird your loins . . . for we have listened to your demands and we bring you The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set!  This officially licensed ©Jay Kristoff box set includes: All THREE books in The… read more

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