LitJoy's To Bee Read Book Box Just Got Better! Add-On Update

LitJoy's To Bee Read Book Box Just Got Better! Add-On Update

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Hey To Bee Read subscribers, we've made a couple of changes to the subscription this quarter that we think you'll bee excited about...

Creating a fully customizable book box subscription has been no small task, and we're constantly trying to make it the best experience for you! Not a part of our To Bee Read book box hive yet? Head over to the main To Bee Read Book Box Subscription page to see what all the buzz is about!

Current bee-bliophiles, we're introducing two major changes this spring. The biggest one is the process for picking and paying for your add-ons. Here’s what’s changed:

1. Add-ons Got Better with One Convenient Transaction!

In the past, subscribers needed to choose their add-ons and check out during Customization Week. This made changing your mind, or deciding to add on more items, nearly impossible. Now, all subscribers will be able to choose their add-ons during Customization Week, and then the payment will go through with their normal quarterly payment on Renewal Day.

To Bee Read Book Box Subscription Add-Ons Screenshot

This gives you the flexibility to edit your box selections and add or remove add-ons from your upcoming renewal any time during Customization Week, plus you’ll only have one transaction for your entire box on Renewal Day. As always, add-ons ship for free with your subscription.

2. No Default Book = More Bee-bliophiles Joining the Fun!

The next big change is that we no longer have a default book selected for those subscribers who do not customize their box. Don't worry—if you don't customize your box, you will still get one of our fabulous books, but which one we pick for you will be a surprise!

This change has allowed us to offer more Book Only subscriptions, to let more bee-bliophiles in on the To Bee Read fun. If you are a subscriber and would like both books in your subscription box, just pick one book for your subscription and the other book for an add-on.

We hope these changes make your customization experience more streamlined and flexible! Thank you for bee-ing a subscriber and growing through the changes with us!

To Bee Read Book Box FAQ graphic

How often can I make changes to my subscription box?

You can change your mind about your To Bee Read book box selections and add-ons as many times as you want during Customization Week! But remember, items do sell out, so you might want to lock in your choices as soon as you can! 

Will I know if an item I have selected is sold out before I decide to release it?

No, you will not know if it is a sold out item or not. Once you release an item, it will go back into inventory and another subscriber could pick it up at any time. Please note: once you release an item it could sell out quickly, so please be sure of any changes you want to make.

Can I continue to update my add-ons between Customization Week and when I’m charged on Renewal Day?

No, when Customization Week is over, your choices are locked in, and you will not be able to make any further changes. On Renewal Day, you will be charged for your To Bee Read book box subscription and the add-on items you chose in one convenient transaction.

When will I pay for my add-ons?

You will be charged for any add-ons you have chosen with your upcoming subscription when the order is placed on Renewal Day.

Why is one of the book titles sold out as an add-on, but still available as a TBR book selection?

Since we have moved away from the default book system and opened up more Book Only subscriptions, we have a certain number of books set aside for subscribers and a certain number of books that we can make available as add-ons.

I saw a product available in the shop that is also available as an add-on. If I buy it in the shop today will I still get free shipping?

No, if you purchase any item outside of the add-on customization portal, you will be charged shipping for that item, and it will ship on a normal schedule.

I have an annual subscription—will I still be charged for add-ons on Renewal Day?

Yes, if you have a prepaid annual subscription, you will not be charged for your To Bee Read subscription box on Renewal Day, but you will be charged on Renewal Day for any add-on items you chose.

What if a product sells out in your shop, but I have it reserved in my add-on choices for Renewal Day?

When LitJoy calculates inventory we take into account everyone who has picked add-ons for Renewal Day, and we reserve those items for you, so they are not for sale in the shop. So even if a product is sold out on our website, if you have it reserved as an add-on, your order will go through as planned.

We bee-lieve these changes will lead to an easier process for our bee-bliophiles, and hope you're just as buzzed about them as we are. Thank you for being a part of our TBR hive! 

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