To Bee Read Book Box Voted #1 by USA Today Readers

To Bee Read Book Box Voted #1 by USA Today Readers

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LitJoy’s To Bee Read Book Box Subscription has set a new standard in book box subscriptions by offering customers an innovative build-your-own-box option. This unique subscription model marks a paradigm shift in the book box industry, enabling readers to personalize their literary journey like never before.

Empowering Readers with Choice

Recognizing the evolving preferences of readers, LitJoy's shift to this customizable subscription model empowers customers to curate their book boxes based on their own preferences. This approach reflects the company's commitment to providing flexibility and control to its clientele.

The build-your-own-box option allows subscribers to select from three distinct subscription tiers: Deluxe, Standard, or Book Only. Customers can customize their subscription boxes by choosing from an array of book and item options, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience with each delivery.

Types of Subscriptions

Book Only: a choice between two To Bee Read exclusive special edition books signed by the author

Standard: choice between two exclusive special edition books and customize with unique book-related items

Deluxe: go all in to receive the special edition book and all the high-quality bookish items unique to To Bee Read!

The move to a customizable subscription model was motivated by a desire to place the power of choice directly into the hands of readers. Offering the freedom to choose not only fosters engagement but also allows for delightful surprises, with each box featuring two small mystery items alongside the readers’ selected choices.

How the To Bee Read Book Box Subscription Works:

  • Select from three subscription options: Book Only, Standard, or Deluxe.
  • Choose between quarterly or annual subscription plans.
  • Choose between two books, three levels of item choices, and two secret items, complemented by optional add-ons.

Award-Winning Excellence

To Bee Read Book Box Subscription voted #1 Book Box Subscription by USA Today

The To Bee Read Book Box Subscription was announced in January 2023 and has already garnered recognition, having been voted the #1 USA Today Readers' Choice for the Best Book Subscription Box in 2023.

What Subscribers Are Saying

Even when I've had issues getting my options in for the To Bee Read box, I’ve always gotten great help right away. Thank you everyone at LitJoyCrate! Y’all are amazing!~Shayne B.

I love my To Bee Read subscription. The special edition books in these boxes are stunning with such beautiful sprayed edges and gorgeous art on the reverse dust jacket. The add ons are also great as well.~April R.

One thing I love about the new To Bee Read subscription is the choice in book we receive in the box. I love that most of the time the themes/content are very different to fit a larger variety of readers. We don't all like the same things, and that is more than okay! I love that LitJoy recognizes that and provides options.~Kerri P.

Love LitJoy’s special edition books! Their new To Bee Read subscription is a delight in deliveringbee-utiful books blessed by sprayed/stenciled edges and signed by the authors. The add-on items are always fun; although I have a book-only sub, I feel it’s a worth-its-price sub, and you can skip if that quarter’s choices aren’t on your own TBR. Well done, LJ!~Lisa R.

I am so in love with the To Bee Read subscription box! My first one was so lovely, and I love that we get to pick what’s going in our boxes. The website is easy to navigate and a joy to search for add ons and other cool bookish items! Always excited to get my LitJoy packages. ~Savannah S.

For more information about LitJoy's To Bee Read Book Box Subscription and to subscribe, visit our To Bee Read Book Box Subscription homepage .

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