About Us

Alix and Kelly here! When our noses aren’t buried in a book (and a pastry), we run this place.

LitJoy Crate is a simple, creative, and easy way to read more and more often! We offer products that create lifelong readers and foster a love of literature!

BOOKS. We believe in building your personal library, that is how much we care about you. When you subscribe to LitJoy we then become the Beast to your Belle, providing you with carefully selected new-release books all year long! Welcome to your happily ever after.

EXTRAS. What is a book without the accessories to make it come to life? That’s like asking, “What is a Harry without a Ron?” or “What is a Gollum without the Ring?” LitJoy is special because we accessorize your reading experience by including exclusive products to go with the book! These extras make for a magical reading experience. *sprinkles confetti*

COMMUNITY. That’s you. Didn’t you know we are already book buddies? LitJoy, when it comes down to it, is all about us nerds embracing our exaggerated enthusiasm for fictional worlds and characters! We want to connect with you and to discuss, in complete seriousness, how hot High Fae warriors are. Be our friends at #LitJoyCrate and @LitJoyCrate and @LittleLitJoy!

BOOKS = LOVE. At LitJoy we are lucky enough to have thousands of books at our fingertips. As part of our mission to spread the joy of reading we donate books to local charities and also partner with NGOs in quarterly service projects!

Meet the Team


Alix Adams


Alix has always had a passion for good storytelling. Be it a movie, painting, or book, a good story is the way to her heart. Sharing great stories with great people is what motivated her to dive into LitJoy and never look back! At LitJoy Alix is head of marketing, branding, customer relations, and shop development. She prefers to communicate in only gifs.

Kelly Dearth


Kelly has a passion (like A LOT of passion) for the details in books, products, and people. She loved the idea of creating an immersive experience for readers and thus LitJoy was born! Here at LitJoy Kelly is head of crate curation, publisher relations, and shop development. She taps into key themes in each book, then finds the perfect products and designs to bring these books to life.

Kellie Hall

Chief of Operations

If Kellie were a protagonist, she would be the one with a heart of gold and a subtle sense of humor. She’s one of the kindest and most fun people we know. Here at LitJoy Kellie saves our butts by helping with customer service, finances, shipping, and navigation. Literally she helps us not get lost when driving/traveling and helps us stay afloat as a company.

Stefanie Borys

Digital Strategist

Stefanie, a woman of many talents, is excellent at helping us understand all the things that our brains cannot compute. She is our website designer and programmer, creates our insert layout, is patient enough to explain analytics to us, and makes our emails extra rad. Stefanie is determined to get her husband to read Harry Potter some day and we are her support group for the cause.

Ali Batty

Social Media Manager

Ali’s love of literature made her on obvious choice to bring on to the LitJoy team! She is the calm in our creative social media storm, coordinating social media schedules, keeping Alix on task, and making sure that we reach audiences on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. She is also our rep coordinator and an all-around fantastic human being.

Robin King

Middle Grade and Picture Book Manager

If there is something that Robin cannot do, we have yet to discover it. Robin often takes a rough sketch of our idea and turns it into a masterpiece! Here at LitJoy Robin helps us select books for our Middle Grade and Picture Book crates, creates our activity guides, and helps bring these crates together!

Debra Hawkins

Reading Coordinator

Debra is a reading wizard. No really. Debra makes it possible for LitJoy to consider at least 15 titles every month without us all losing our minds. We love her.

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