Alix and Kelly's Favorite Gifts

Spring is such a remarkable time of year. A time of rebirth. As the flower buds peek through the once-frozen ground and begin anew, we all feel this sense of refreshment. Of focusing on the most important things and the things that fill us with joy!

Spring is also a time of celebrations. We celebrate all the mothers in our lives—the moms who gave us life, the moms that nurtured us, and the moms who imbued our lives with stories.

We are no strangers to the complexities of motherhood. It’s a beautifully imperfect science to foster life and creation around you! Some of us are blessed with mothers and the journey of becoming a mother, while others are blessed with powerful, intelligent, and compassionate mother figures who guide us in growth.

We personally want to offer gratitude to the women in our lives who remind us that we can create an incredible story with this beautiful life!

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite gift picks this spring season!

Alix and Kelly