Book Bee Blind Bag Enamel Pins

We can't bee-lieve how adorable these Book Bee Blind Bag Enamel Pins are. And you get to bee surprised! Order one and you will receive a surprise pin or order the set to get all six of these bee-utifully-designed pins.

Pins include: To Bee or Not to Bee, Buzz off, Bee-tween the pages, and more. They are the bees-knees of enamel pins!

  • Designed by @madunicorn_handmade
  • Made of hard enamel
  • Each pin measures 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) wide

**When you order one at a time, there is a chance that you might receive a duplicate pin. Order the whole set to make sure you get one of each!