Prepare to bridge the chasm between reality and imagination with Stacey McEwan's newest fantasy book, Chasm! Stacey McEwan (aka @stacebookspace on TikTok) brought us Ledge, the first book in the The Glacian Trilogy. Chasm continues Dawsyn's story while she is on the run from the Queen's forces and learning to control her newly-gained powers. Chasm is a fast-paced, action-packed book, full of magic, adventure, and danger. If you enjoyed Ledge, then you will definitely want to read Chasm.

LitJoy Exclusive Special Edition features include:

  • Author's signature on the end pages!!
  • Dust Jacket with Foil (color changes from the original) 
  • Foiled Case Wrap 
  • CUSTOM Endpapers
  • Digitally Designed Edges

Did you miss out on Ledge? Get the first book in The Glacian Trilogy here! It will have all the same beautiful features that we sold out of so quickly last time, including Stacey McEwan's signature!

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