Summer Young Adult Theme - Galaxy Guardians


Galaxy Guardians

Theme art by @offbeatworlds

📣 Announcing August’s YA crate theme: 🛸GALAXY GUARDIANS🚀!

Attention hackers! It's time to take down a particularly creepy AI, to deliver The Child safely to its home planet, and to take down a queen so beautiful, she's painful to look at. This August, join LitJoy's space-bound crew as we pull off the biggest heist this galaxy has ever seen! Whether we travel by Tardis, spaceship, or fighter jet, this sci-fi adventure will be the stuff space legends are made of!

This crate comes with a Passport Sticker!


What do a forgotten secret message, an extraterrestrial linage, and the discovery of a lifetime have in common? Our Summer (August) YA book, that's what! Our protagonist may think he knows what his boring life on earth will look like until he makes a discovery that changes everything. He must look to the stars and beyond for answers, but if he ventures too far, he might just jeopardize life in the universe as we know it! Fasten your harness, this spaceship is taking off on an epic mission!


Our book pick for the Summer Crate is perfect for fans of Red Rising, Princess of Mars, Illuminae Files,and Ready Player One.


LitJoy Special Edition Book

  • Sprayed Edges
  • Signed by the Author
  • Author Letter included separately from the book
  • Exclusive reversible dust jacket artwork
  • Exclusive tip-in page art
  • Custom endpages
  • NEW!!! Case wrap design on the naked book (under our reversible dust jacket)!


Fandoms inspiring this crate include

  • Stalking Jack the Ripper
  • Aurora Rising
  • Lunar Chronicles
  • Mandalorian
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Dr. Who
  • The Illuminae Files


Sneak Peeks coming July 2021!


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