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Gods and Vikings Crate

Announcing November's YA crate theme:

⚒️⚡Gods and Vikings 🌊🔱!

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure across the Nordic sea and into a land full of mystery, music, and magic. The Gods and Vikings Crate will explore worlds unknown with seafaring warriors, axe-wielding gods, bibliophiles, luck dragons, and sorcerers. This fall, hoist your sails and embark on a perilous quest, confronting legendary creatures and unsuspecting enemies across the ocean. With sweeping adventure, breathtaking twists of fate, and immersive worlds, this crate will be the voyage of a lifetime!

Will ship the end of November*

*Sales and shipping dates are subject to change

Crate Sneak Peeks and Spoilers

Crate Exclusive Notebook

This item will fulfill your wishes and be a place to keep your adventures. It was inspired by luck dragons, oracles, ivory towers, and a grain of sand that can restore a whole world. And the design by @maggie.rose.studiois perfection! You'll not only use this item, but you'll want to display it, too! And don't forget to call out a new name!

Goddess of the Moon

Travel to the moon and back with a fandom that celebrates the legend of the Chinese moon goddess. Just like the moon, this magical item will light your way and inspire you at the same time. And with a gorgeous design by@riddleandravens, you'll want to admire it over and over again just like the night sky.

Jacob Wolf Critter Collection Enamel Pin

Travel through the forests of Forks towards the La Push beach and you'll probably catch a glimpse of this Jacob Wolf Critter Collection Enamel Pin, designed by@creasedesign. It displays Jacob in his human and wolf form. Enjoy all the sides of this hunky character by adding him to your collection! The pin is so beautiful, you might just imprint on it.

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