Cursed Crowns

Cursed Crowns is the thrilling and heart-pumping sequel to the beloved Twin Crowns series! In this swoony and high-stakes fantasy rom-com by bestselling authors Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber, you'll be transported into a world of magic, adventure, and romance. Cursed Crowns artfully picks up where the first book left off, inviting you on a mesmerizing journey through two vastly distinct realms, where the fates of twin princesses, Wren and Rose, hang in the balance. Be prepared to get swept up in the thrilling narrative, as the sisters navigate treacherous terrain and confront their true destinies as queens.

Book Summary:

Twin queens Wren and Rose have claimed their crowns…but not everyone is happy about witches sitting on Eana’s throne.

Coolheaded Rose plans a royal tour to establish goodwill throughout the kingdom. But Wren balks—how can they gallivant around Eana when their grandmother Banba is imprisoned in Gevra?

Impatient Wren steals away on a ship to the icy north, where King Alarik offers a deadly magical bargain in exchange for Banba’s freedom. Desperate, Wren agrees. But her spell has unexpected consequences….

Meanwhile, when Rose's royal tour is interrupted by a mysterious stranger claiming to be from the long-lost Sunkissed Kingdom, the strands of destiny pull her south to the ancient Amarach Towers, where only the Seers of Eana know why the Restless Sands are erupting—and why Shen-Lo himself might hold the key.

But back in Anadawn, rebellion is brewing. And if Eana is to stand a chance at peace, the sisters will need to reunite once more and convince their people to forsake old loyalties for new ones.

Book Customizations:

  • Signed by the authors, Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber
  • Gorgeous new artwork on the reversible dust jacket, casewrap, and digitally designed page edges by