Take Me Home Crate


LitJoy's Last Magical Crate

Come with us to the place where the magic began, friendships were formed, and your house is your family. Announcing the LitJoy Summer Magical Crate: TAKE ME HOME. This crate will remind you that we’re here with you whatever happens. You’ll experience the moments that made you fall in love with the series and pay tribute to the people that made you feel like a witch or wizard for the very first time. Each item has been specially curated to transport you back to the home that we all hold so dear in our hearts. Get ready to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia in this magical crate. 

Items Hints:

  • Hot, cold, or room temperature? It doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying a drink with a big-hearted wizard.
  • Open up this collectible item and enjoy the hanging candles in the night sky.
  • Wrap yourself up in this cozy item and dream of your favorite characters.  
  • It won’t tell your future, but you’ll hold your wand high for this special wizard.
  • Once the smoke clears, you might just get to enjoy a traditional holiday surprise inside. 
  • You’ll feel right at wizard home . . . in a book, and this item will too!
  • As always, enjoy the theme artwork print by @seasidespirit.


  • @seasidespirit
  • @sophia_volovik
  • @davideortuillustration
  • @madunicorn_handmade
  • @carellafra_art
  • @ravenpagesdesign

Important Dates:

  • June 21 - TAKE ME HOME Sneak Peeks Begin
  • July 1 - TAKE ME HOME Crates Renew
  • July 4 - 10 - TAKE ME HOME Add-On Week
  • Fall 2023 - TAKE ME HOME Crates Ships

Hello Magical Family!

LitJoy launched the Magical Subscription because we deeply desired to create something solid and tangible from a fictional world we fell in love with. The Magical Subscription was the first place that stretched our creativity outside of what everyone was doing and really let our originality, cleverness, and cheekiness shine. This reading community has always been about sharing our passion for books and the emotions and lessons we’ve learned from them. Reading is a solitary and enchanting experience, and creating these crates was a way to unite us in our shared experiences. It was magical in itself to create items and have our customers understand exactly what those items meant or represented. Watching our customers open Magical Crates and laugh and cry over products that we laughed and cried over while creating has been incredible and unifying in this community!

After much thoughtful discussion and contemplation, we feel that now is the right time to close the chapter on our Magical Subscription. LitJoy will continue to create Magical-themed items and keys, but we will also be shifting a portion of our energy towards other worlds and wondrous stories. For LitJoy, the magic is in reading and we will continue to create magic with products and books we love!


Alix, Kelly, & the LitJoy Team

  • *If you have a quarterly or annual subscription that you have not canceled or skipped, your Take Me Home crate is secured.
  • *If you have purchased an annual subscription, you will be refunded for any remaining crates that would extend past the July crate. These refunds will be processed before July 1st. If you are set to renew on July 1st for another annual subscription, it will be swapped for a quarterly subscription. July 1st will be the last charge for the Magical Subscription and you don’t need to make any changes to your account.
  • *If you are currently subscribed for a quarterly crate, you will get charged on renewal date July 1 and you will get your crate.