Announcing The Lunacorns' Evolution and Sale

Announcing The Lunacorns' Evolution and Sale

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Gather 'round, for we've got some magical news that's sure to sprinkle stardust on your bookish hearts! As the moons align and the stars dance, we're thrilled to unveil the dazzling transformation of our Lunacorns' evolution!

Just like a captivating story unfolding, LitJoy and its Lunacorn community are maturing, growing, and discovering new enchanting chapters together. And just like a fine wine (or a spellbinding novel), we're aging like absolute perfection! So, hold on tight, because the Lunacorns are getting a whimsical, wonderful makeover, fit for the grandest of bookish adventures!

Lunacorn logo

Introducing the freshest, most sophisticated Lunacorn look ever! Say hello to our brand-new logo and mesmerizing branding that truly encapsulates the essence of our celestial book lovers' collective. But fret not, dear bibliophiles, for amid all these celestial shifts, we promise you this: all the wonders, perks, and joys of being a cherished Lunacorn shall remain untouched, like precious words etched on a page.

Are you part of the Lunacorns yet? Lunacorns Evolution Header with Lunacorn logo reading Join Today!

Why Join? Becoming a member unlocks exclusive VIP access! The perks of membership include:

LitJoy founders Alix & Kelly answer your questions and give insider information

  • Early Access to New Products
  • Discounts Every Tuesday
  • Get Access to the Members-Only Lunacorn Store
  • Fandom Chats in the Private Facebook Group
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content
  • Exclusive Product Previews

You can read more about the perks of becoming a Lunacorn here!

Lunacorns Private Facebook Group

Out with the old and in with the new!

With this rebrand comes some perks for our Lunies! Everything that is Lunacorn-themed in our Members-Only Store will be 50% off! This includes the Lunacorn Crate (with the adorable coffee cup, socks, magnetic bookmarks, stickers, and notebook) for only $13! You'll also get several other items from $4 to $8. Celebrate being a VIP book lover by taking advantage of this amazing sale!

Lunacorns' Vintage items are discounted

As the night sky fills with stars, our Lunacorns shall shine brighter than ever before, with sophistication and sparkle unmatched. So get ready to embark on this wondrous new chapter with us. Your quest for literary delights has just reached a new stratosphere.

Let the Lunacorns' Evolution begin!

With love and books,

The LitJoy Team

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