Learn about Lunacorns: the Exclusive LitJoy VIP Membership

Learn about Lunacorns: the Exclusive LitJoy VIP Membership

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What is a Lunacorn?

LitJoy’s Lunacorn program is our VIP membership. There’s tons to love about being a Lunacorn (or Lunie for short)—from discounts to early product access, and so much more!

How much does it cost?

A Lunacorn Membership is only $10 per month! Keep reading to see all the perks Lunacorns get for that $10!

What are the membership perks?

Earn Rewards Points Every Month

Each month, your $10 membership fee, earns Lunacorns 100 rewards points. Many Lunacorns save up their points to use toward big-ticket items, but each member is free to use their rewards to spend on anything at LitJoy— even your Lunacorn membership. That’s 600 points gained over a 6-month membership, or a whopping 1,200 reward points for a year!

First Looks

Our Lunies get exclusive first looks of things that are coming to LitJoy! We spoil everything from new product lines to cover reveals, and more in our Lunacorn Facebook group which Lunacorn members get access to as soon as they sign up! 

Early access to new products

Lunacorns get to buy many products before anyone else, including bestsellers like the ACOTAR Velaris Bookshelf Alley, Folk of the Air Special Edition Box Set, Gothic Horror Box Set with BONUS Slipcase, and more!

ACOTAR Velaris Bookshelf Alley sold by LitJoy Folk of the Air Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Gothic Horror Box Set Sold by LitJoy

The Lunacorn early access perk is especially helpful for items that have a chance to sell out quickly, like The Cruel Prince Mushroom Mug. This mug sold out to our Lunacorns even before the general public had a chance!

The Cruel Prince Mushroom Mug sold by LitJoy

Members-only Lunacorn Store

Members get access to the Lunacorn Store, which has EXCLUSIVE items that aren’t available to the public! New, exciting items are added monthly. Past items featured in our Lunacorn Store include our ACOTAR blanket and the  Lunacorn Exclusive Magic Wand.

ACOTAR blanket sold by LitJoy Lunacorn Exclusive Wand sold by LitJoy

Discount Tuesdays

As a Lunacorn, you get access to exclusive deals every Tuesday. Yes, EVERY Tuesday! Check the Lunacorn store on Tuesdays, or keep an eye on your email to find out which item is being discounted.

Private Lunacorn Facebook Community

Ever wanted to talk to like-minded bookworms about all your fandom feels? Our Lunacorn-exclusive Facebook community is the bookish community of your dreams! We already mentioned the first looks that happen on this exclusive platform, but one of the best parts of the group is the incredible sense of community. With thousands of active members and a focus on books, you’ll be able to find a Lunacorn online and ready to talk! 

Lunacorn Lives:

LitJoy founders Alix and Kelly livestream to show off first looks at new products, talk about what’s going on at LitJoy, and have fun with our members!

Alix & Kelly during a Lunacorn Facebook LIVE

Lunacorn #shelfies:

The Lunacorns group is a lively, active community full of booklovers ready to chat about all things bookish. Every day, our members are posting fan theories, geeking out about their latest reads, showing off their latest merch purchases, and so much more! Here’s a few recent #shelfies posted by Lunacorns:

Posted by Grace L.

Posted by Diana Lynn C.

Posted by Sierra D.

Posted by Mychaela B.

Reviews from Lunacorns

Check out what these awesome Lunacorns have to say about the membership:

Great value and amazing community. I love the Facebook page and the videos with the owners talking about the upcoming products.

— Danielle T.

Being a Lunacorn member is a great way to remedy my LitJoy Crate obsession since I am slowly saving up for future items or Crates through the points system which is redeemable. Plus, the Facebook community is such an exciting place to be! I love to be in-the-know about future LitJoy items, & I can now get all the inside scoop on FB 😍😍

— Anita K.

The membership is amazing. I don't know why anyone wouldn't get it. Even if they only come on to buy one crate, it's worth it. There are so many bonuses! Plus the fee is just put 100% back into a coupon for you.

— Chantelle W.

This membership is probably the most beneficial membership I've ever been a part of. I have recommended LitJoy to friends and this membership is one of the biggest things that I talk about.

— Hallie S.

One of the best memberships as it pays for itself immediately with the reward system they have. The previews, sneak peeks, and even the lives are all amazing. Though the early access has to be one of my favorite parts.

— Sanekesha V.

We'd love for you to join the Lunacorn family! Become a Lunacorn today!

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