Bookmarked Last Month: September 2023

Bookmarked Last Month: September 2023

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September has been a month filled with enchanting moments as our community of book enthusiasts showcased our special edition books and bookish merchandise across social media. From #Bookstagram posts to TikTok unboxings, we've bookmarked your creativity and love for literature that continues to shine bright as we closed out summer and welcomed in Autumn.

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Join us in celebrating these moments from September that bind us through our shared passion for books and bookish treasures!

With Spooky Season right around the corner, we thought it would be timely to feature alaspoorbooks’s post featuring our Gothic Horror Box Set (restocked just in time for a good scare!). We love the moody romantic dried roses that perfectly fit the vibe of the books!

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A post shared by Amber Mars (@alaspoorbooks)

rio_bluestocking shows off their love for our special edition of Pride & Prejudice (also newly restocked!) in this Instagram post. Check out the gorgeous art by @superstarfighter! Can you spot all the LitJoy items in this picture?

Let’s journey over to TikTok where elizabeth_sagan posted a hilarious and fun video, where she pairs together ACOTAR characters based on the portraits she draws from our ACOTAR Fan Art Print Set! How do you feel about the pairings she created and her ratings for each?

@elizabeth_sagan Did I get them right? | AD 📚 This gorgeous Fan Art Print Set is part of @LitJoy Crate 's Sarah J Maas collection. Besties, don’t walk, run to grab it and don't forget to use code ELIZABETH10 for 10% off (it works for everything LitJoy, excluding subscriptions and memberships)! 📚 From keychains to keys to book sleeves to print sets, the collection is perfect for any SJM fan. You know, to quench your thirst until January, when House of Flame and Shadow comes out. 📚 #booktok #litjoy #sarahjmaas #sjmaas #acotar #crescentcity #feysand #rhysand #cassian #nessian #nestaarcheron #nesta #elainarcheron #azriel #feyrearcheron #litjoycrate #bryce #huntathalar #brycequinlan #asteri #houseofflameandshadow #acomaf #acosf #acowar ♬ original sound - Elizabeth Sagan • BookToker

Also on TikTok, cassandralynnliterature posted their amazing unboxing of our August To Bee Read box. We can’t choose a favorite item from this epic box, but we’d love to hear about yours in the comments!

@cassandralynnliterature My first @LitJoy Crate To Bee Read box! #booktok #bookbox #unboxing #fantasy ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Rounding things out with another To Bee Read item, oregonmum2 shows off our special edition of The Blonde Identity in their post. We’re so excited to read this exciting spy romance by Ally Carter!

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As always, if you want a chance to be featured on Bookmarked Last Month, make sure to tag @litjoycrate in your pics of our books and merch. Stay tuned for more bookish adventures, and in the meantime, keep those pages turning and the cameras rolling. Thanks for making September extra special!

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