Coraline Illustrated Special Edition Artwork Spoilers!

Coraline Illustrated Special Edition Artwork Spoilers!

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Beware, if you dare, to follow us on an adventure into Neil Gaiman's Coraline. Explore the hauntingly eerie new home of Coraline and her Other Mother through @bohemianweasel's brilliant art shown here in the page edges, endpapers, and interior art of LitJoy's Coraline Illustrated Special Edition.

Page Edges

Coraline page edges from LitJoy's Coraline Special Edition


Coraline opens a door to a brick wall, a cat licks itself on the floor beside her.

Coraline opens a door to bright light; the cat stands looking at her.

Interior Art

Black cat crossing front paws

circus lights, cat, and mouse

House in fog; Coraline fan art

Key to the Other world

Mirror with people, "help me" written backwards in fog on mirror; Coraline fan art

The Coraline Illustrated Special Edition will feature:

  • A NEW cover
  • Illustrated location endpapers
  • Custom page edges
  • Illustrated tip-in pages
  • In-text illustrations throughout the book
  • $39.99

The Coraline Collector's Illustrated Special Edition will include all features above plus:

  • Neil Gaiman's SIGNATURE
  • Gorgeous custom slipcase
  • There will only be a limited supply of these signed books.
  • $49.99

Artist featured in Coraline:

Dates to Remember:

September 13 at 10am MST - Lunacorns SALES OPEN for preorder

September 14 at 10 am MST - Public SALES OPEN for preorder

Estimated Ship Date is Winter 2024

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