Coraline Vibes Spotify Playlist

Coraline Vibes Spotify Playlist

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Welcome to the whimsical and eerie world of Neil Gaiman's Coraline brought to life through the enchanting melodies of Coraline Vibes, a Spotify playlist like no other. Dive into the twisted tale of a young girl who stumbles upon a parallel universe filled with wonders and terrors.

You'll discover a handpicked selection of songs that capture the essence of Coraline's haunting adventures, transporting you to a realm where the line between reality and fantasy blurs.

Song Descriptions

We hand-picked songs to fit the vibe of this beloved spooky tale, using haunting melodies that carry a childlike sense of wonder.

“Cradles” by Sub Urban juxtaposes the innocence of childhood with creepy imagery, which might make you think of young Coraline discovering the reality of the Other Mother and her less-than-perfect world.

In a similar way, “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez describes someone who is falling into a strange new world and finds themselves getting lost in the wonder; however, it is clear that this new world has a sinister edge to it.

“Candy Jail” by AJJ (a cover of the original song by Silver Jews) uses delicious imagery of candy, a childhood favorite treat, to describe a restrictive environment that keeps the subject of the song behind “peppermint bars.” The Other Mother’s world is much like this candy jail— although it looks wonderful on the outside, its true purpose doesn’t match that idealistic exterior.

“Into the Unknown,” a song from the animated show Over the Garden Wall , is a dreamy song that contains a sense of childlike curiosity as well as mystery. The lyrics bring to mind Coraline’s initial desire to explore the Other World: “If dreams can’t come true / Then why not pretend?”

Each note and lyric of this Coraline Vibes playlist echoes the eerie charm and spine-tingling mysteries of the Coraline worlds. If you're a fan of Gaiman's works, you might also enjoy our Stardust playlist that takes you on a magical adventure among the stars.

Enjoy our Coraline-inspired playlist, and don’t forget to check out LitJoy’s Coraline Illustrated Edition, the perfect addition to any Neil Gaiman fan’s bookshelf!

Artwork by @bohemianweasel

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