Fall Magical Subscription Crate: Dark Arts (SOLD OUT!)

Fall Magical Subscription Crate: Dark Arts (SOLD OUT!)

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Announcing the LitJoy Fall Magical Subscription Crate: DARK ARTS!

(There were so many rebellious Lunies that this Dark Arts book box subscription has SOLD OUT)

Enter the Restricted Section at your own risk! The 🔮💀Dark Arts🐍🪄Crate will help you brush up on your curses, poisonous potions, and dark creatures. It’s time to step over to the dark side and set your inner rebel free!

The darkest arts are also the most secretive, but we've added some hints to see if you're sly enough to guess what will be inside:

  • The dark forces are descending upon wizard school—now if we just had something cozy that would make us feel safe!
  • Enjoy the theme artwork print by @seasidespirit.
  • Wear gloves to touch this collectible item because it has already caused 19 deaths.
  • Watch out for this Adventure Card! Be sure to avoid its eyes or things could end very badly for you . . .
  • Conceal your identity with this gorgeous metal item. It will intimidate your enemies and bring out your dark side.
Death Eater Mask Replica
  • Be careful when using this to mark your book as it is known to shift from place to place.
  • This item led to the demise of one of our favorite elves . . . but it's also useful for reading correspondence from friends and family.

Check out the artists who have dared to venture into the dark arts fan art:






For those of you wicked Lunies who were able to grab the Dark Arts fall magical subscription crate, the dark arts add-ons are available to order in just a couple days: October 4-10! Find magical keys, a candle, and even a very mysssssteriousssss enamel pin. 

Dark Arts Theme Puzzle Dark Potion Candle Snake Familiar Critter Pin

For those of you who weren't so lucky, there's still a chance to get your hands on some wicked products when the add-ons become available in the store on! 

In the meantime...

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