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Current Crate: Spring 2023

Announcing the LitJoy Spring Magical Subscription Crate:

Gather 'round, everyone, and grab your earmuffs because our next Magical Crate is . . . 🪴🌿HERBOLOGY CLASS🧙🌱! Welcome to the LitJoy Greenhouse, where we will be learning all about the properties of magical plants and fungi. This crate will be filled with items related to turning plants into potions. Bring your textbooks, wands, dragon hide gloves, and imagination. Whether you have a green thumb or not, everyone will grow green with envy when they see you with this magical crate!


  • March 21 - Herbology Class Sneak Peeks Begin
  • April 1 - Herbology Class Crates Renew
  • April 4-10 - Herbology Class Add-On Week
  • Late May - Herbology Class Crates Ship

*Sales and shipping dates are subject to change

Crate Items Spoilers

WARNING: Crate and Add-On Spoilers Ahead!

Branch Wand - Crate Item

Practice spells, witchcraft, and defending against dark wizards with the Branch Wand, specially crafted straight from the LitJoy Wand Shoppe! With intricate, leafy detailing that reminds us of the enchanted willow tree guarding wizard school, this Branch Wand is a perfect magical addition to your wizard school trunk. They say the wand chooses the wizard…and that’s why we included a wand specification card so you know exactly which one has chosen you! To non-magic folk, this wand may appear to be made of resin with a metal core. But its magical materials can include dragon heartstrings, unicorn hair, horned serpent horn, and more. Give it a wave and see sparks fly!

  • Made of resin with a metal core
  • Includes wand specification card
  • Measures 9.8 inches (22.9 cm) long

Beginner's Guide to Herb and Fungi Notebook - Crate Item

Calling all aspiring herbologists! Discover the magical world of herb and fungi with a Beginner's Guide to Herb and Fungi notebook! Featuring a stunning front and back cover designed by @debsflowchart, this notebook showcases a variety of enchanted herb and fungi plants. It's absolutely perfect for recording your observations and findings as you explore the fascinating world of herbology. Ideal for wizards and witches of all levels, this notebook is a must-have addition to any magical collection.

Add-Ons Spoilers

Add-Ons are purchaseable only during Add-On Week between April 4-10! Add-Ons ship for free within your crate!

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