Get Caught Reading 2023 w/ LitJoy: A Bookish Photo Challenge

Get Caught Reading 2023 w/ LitJoy: A Bookish Photo Challenge

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May is Get Caught Reading Month and we'd like you to get caught reading with LitJoy for a chance to earn 250 LitJoy rewards point! That's like $25 in LitJoy products!

Get Caught Reading with LitJoy

Are you a bookworm with a passion for reading and a knack for posting cool pics? Well, get ready to indulge in a reading extravaganza this May because LitJoy is hosting a thrilling event that will ignite your love for books. Introducing the Get Caught Reading 2023 Challenge, where one lucky winner will have the chance to receive a whopping 250 rewards points! Yes, you heard it right - 250 rewards points ($25 to use in the LitJoy shop) are up for grabs! So, mark your calendars, grab your cameras, and get your reading glasses ready because this challenge will run from May 15th to May 29th, and you won't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The Prize: 250 LitJoy Rewards Points

Imagine the excitement of being the fortunate recipient of 250 rewards points! These points can unlock a world of possibilities. With these rewards, you can explore new genres, discover hidden gems, or even snag that coveted collector's edition you've had your eye on for ages. The possibilities are endless, and the thrill of winning such a prize is simply unparalleled.

How to Enter:

To enter for a chance to win, follow these simple steps:

Share the Love on Social Media:

Capture your love for reading in a picture and share it with the world! Whether you prefer Instagram stories, Instagram posts, or TikTok, make sure to post your photo and tag @litjoycrate.

Stay Connected:

To qualify for the challenge, ensure that you're following @litjoycrate on either Instagram or TikTok. This way, you'll stay updated on all the latest news, book recommendations, and exciting contests they have to offer. Plus, being part of the LitJoy community means connecting with fellow book enthusiasts who share your passion.

Woman reading LitJoy's special edition of Daughter of Smoke and Bone sold by LitJoy Crate

Multiple Entries? Yes, Please:

While one entry is sufficient to participate in the Get Caught Reading Challenge, why not maximize your odds of victory? Each time you "get caught," post the picture, and tag @litjoycrate will be another entry in the giveaway. By posting more than once during the challenge period, you increase your chances of catching the attention of the random winner generator. So, grab your camera and GET CAUGHT READING! Who knows? Your post(s) might just be the key to unlocking that coveted 250 rewards points!

Bonus Entry: Sign Up for the Newsletter:

Want an additional shot at winning? Opt-in for LitJoy's newsletter by signing up with your email address. Not only will you receive regular updates on author collections, product drops, sales, and fun bookish content, but you'll also earn an extra entry into the Get Caught Reading 2023 with LitJoy Challenge. Remember, you don't need to make a purchase to participate in this fantastic opportunity. LitJoy values inclusivity and wants every book lover to have an equal chance at winning.

No Purchase Necessary:

LitJoy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of reading, regardless of their financial situation. That's why the Get Caught Reading 2023 Challenge is open to all, with no purchase necessary. It's a wonderful initiative that fosters a sense of community and encourages readers from all walks of life to come together in celebration of our favorite past time.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting reading adventure this May. Grab your favorite book, strike a pose, and share where you are getting caught reading with LitJoy. Who knows? You might just be the lucky winner who walks away with 250 rewards points to fuel your literary passions. Remember, the Get Caught Reading 2023 challenge runs from May 15th to May 29th, so don't miss out on this awesome bookish opportunity. May the pages be ever in your favor!

woman reading Get Caught Reading with LitJoy Get Caught Reading with LitJoy

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