17 Hobbies for Book Lovers. . .(That Aren't Reading)

17 Hobbies for Book Lovers. . .(That Aren't Reading)

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As book lovers, we love all things literary, from the array of genres to choose from, to the way they can make us feel immersed in another world, to the roller coaster of emotions a good book can take us through. And while we would be perfectly content sitting hours on end with our faces buried in a book and a warm drink in hand, there are many other fun ways us book fiends can bide our time. Here are 17 hobbies for book lovers (that aren’t reading) for you to try out in-between chapters:

  1. Decorating and Decluttering Your Bookshelf

ACOTAR wingspan matters bookends shaped like bat wings and holding together books from the series

Yes, decorating and organizing are absolutely valid hobbies. If you’re a bibliophile, one thing is for sure: you have way too many books. Our bookshelf is like our treasure chest, filled with some of our most valued possessions (a.k.a our favorite stories). Finding new ways to organize your bookshelves (perhaps alphabetically, or by genre) can help you find your favorite books more easily and weed out the ones you know you’ll never pick up. That way, you can make space for even more awesome reads.

These stunning (and hilarious) ACOTAR Wingspan Matters Bookends are a great way to keep your books upright while adding character and flair to your bookshelf. Or, add this Headmaster’s Office Fairy Door in-between your favorite fantasy books to decorate with a dash of magic.

  1. Starting a Book Club

book club with women sitting on the floor with books

What better way to indulge in great literature than indulging in it with other book nerds? A book club is a fantastic way to connect with other readers and talk about your favorite thing: books. Find your squad, choose your book, bring snacks, and get started! Here’s a helpful guide on How to Start a Book Club and Keep it Running.

  1. Collecting Special Editions

Illustrated DOSAB page with Laini Taylor's signature DOSAB special edition box set

There is nothing much more satisfying for a book lover than having a gorgeous special edition of a favorite book or book series. Picture captivating illustrations, specially-designed page edges, author-signed and annotated pages, and more. Check out our beautiful Daughter of Smoke and Bone Special Edition Box Set or this magical Stardust Illustrated Special Edition and all of their special features, including cover designs, signature pages, and so much more.

  1. Writing

Person wearing yellow shirt writing in a journal

They say great readers are often great writers. If you’ve read an incredible, life-changing book, or even an absolutely terrible book, and you just have too many thoughts about it to let it go, try writing book reviews. If what you have to say is outrageous enough, you could get a decent following of other book lovers who want to discuss these books with you!

Or, get your creative juices flowing and try journaling. Trust us, it’s truly satisfying (and, quite frankly, therapeutic) getting your thoughts out of your head and onto a page. For the boldest of writers out there, put your creativity to the test by writing your own book. Who knows? You may have the next bestseller.

Better yet, if you love storytelling but aren’t quite sure about writing a full-length novel, fanfics are where it’s at. Have you ever wondered what an unconventional ship between two literary characters might look like? Or do you have a story idea that’s just a bit too eccentric for a traditional audience of readers? Put it on a fanfic website like Archive of Our Own (AO3), Wattpad, or Tumblr. The possibilities for aspiring writers are endless.

Check out these journals and notebooks to get your writing journey started!

  1. Movement

woman in a blue sweater and a backpack going on a nature walk

After sitting and reading for a while, it’s good to get moving in-between chapters. Try going on a walk or taking a peaceful nature hike. If you really want to get your blood pumping, take a jog, bike around the neighborhood, or try doing some yoga. Bonus: yoga is a fantastic way to stretch out your muscles after getting a little too engrossed in your current read.

  1. Becoming a Bookish Foodie

old blank book surrounded by baking materials

Yes, this is a thing! Imagine drinking a “love potion,” or eating tea treats inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma. There are a million book-themed bars, restaurants, and cafes around the world that cater to fans of various books and authors, from Jane Austen to wizards, Oscar Wilde, Wonderland, and more!

For those who are a little more daring, try making some of the foods from your favorite book fandoms yourself (haven’t you always wanted to try pumpkin pastries and buttered beer?)! There are tons of cookbooks out there with recipes featuring meals and desserts from nearly every literary fandom. 

Use these literary dessert plates, this Sugar Quill Spoon, or this Emotional Range Teaspoon at your next book-themed tea party or picnic. And don't forget cups! This Grimm Teacup and Saucer and this Sassenach Teacup and Saucer are perfect for a literary afternoon tea.

  1. Learning an Instrument

woman in a grey cardigan playing a violin

When you pick up a book, your imagination begins running wild creating an entire world based on the information the author has given you. When you pick up an instrument, it’s a very similar practice. You’re playing sounds based on what the musical notes show you and you’re creating music. Learning an instrument is a great way to keep your mind active and express your creativity through sound, even if you start out as a complete beginner.

  1. Attending Author Talks

author sits in a bookstore talking to attendees

What’s more bookish than attending author talks? Local bookstores often host Q&A sessions with authors where you can have the opportunity to see some of your favorite authors up close and personal. A lot of the time, they’ll even do book signings and readings.

While being in person is always more fun, it’s not always accessible for everyone. Thankfully, virtual events have made connecting with your favorite authors more doable, with events like Instagram live interviews, virtual book talks, and more. Search up your favorite authors and bookstores and find out more about opportunities to see them!

  1. Attending a Book Convention, Festival, or Performance

Shakespeare actors performing a play

The possibilities are endless when it comes to book-themed events. Book lovers alike can find new and exciting ways to get together and celebrate their common interest in literature! Attend a book convention or book festival like Readercon, the Brooklyn Book Festival, or the Charles Dickens Festival, among many others. At these special literary events, you can dress up as your favorite characters and purchase more books for your shelves as you connect with other readers.

Beyond conventions and festivals, attending literary performances is a MUST for book lovers. A quick Google search can help you find performative events like Shakespeare in the Park, performance adaptations of classic books like The Great Gatsby, and more! Watching literature come to life is a wonderful way to spend your time outside of reading on your own.

  1. Working at a Bookshop or Volunteering at a Library

girl holding a stack of book working at a library

If you love books, one of the best hobbies you can have when you’re not reading is working at a bookshop or volunteering at a library. Book fiends, listen up! Imagine spending your days surrounded by books, giving book recommendations, discussing books, and living and breathing books. If the only thing that will pry you away from your current book is—well, more books, then working at a bookstore or volunteering at a library is for you!

  1. Starting a Book Blog, Bookstagram, or BookTok

girl with glasses sitting at a laptop and holding a pencil

Getting linked in with other die-hard readers on social media is a great way to connect with the greater bookish community. And if you love reviewing books, unboxing new book boxes (like our To Bee Read Book Box Subscription), and recommending the latest reads, then starting your own book blog, Bookstagram, or BookTok account is the way to go! Here is a helpful article to learn about how you can get more involved in the online bookish community.

  1. Following a Literary Trail

an old red house resembling jane austen period surrounded by bushes and trees

Trace your favorite author’s roots and follow a literary trail. It’s a great way to see the places that shaped the author and inspired their writing, like the Southern Literary Trail or the Jane Austen Trail, which take you through the areas where the authors were born, raised, and spent most of their time. Take in the scenery and see through the eyes of your favorite writers. (Bonus! It counts as exercise.)

  1. Visiting Independent Bookstores and Indulging in Bookish Retail Therapy

a woman wearing headphones and a backpack looks through the shelves at a bookstore

Walking around a one-of-a-kind, independently-owned bookstore browsing the shelves, flipping through pages, and adding new and unique books to your shopping cart is a feeling that true bibliophiles cannot easily describe. And yes, bookish retail therapy does count as a hobby. So get exploring and stock up on your guilty pleasures!

  1. Knitting or Crocheting

hands knitting with grayish beige yarn

Get a little crafty and try your hand at knitting or crocheting. Learning a new tactile skill is a delightful way to channel your creative energies while creating something you can actually use, or even gift to other book lovers in your life. Knit yourself whimsical bookmarks, coasters, or a new reading blanket for curling up on winter nights with a hot drink and a book in hand.

  1. Playing Games

dungeons and dragons die and players sitting on a map

Exercise your mind and elevate your bookish pursuits by delving into the wonderful world of games. Role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, allow you to feel fully immersed in a character of your own creation and become the author of their story in a collaborative adventure with other players.

If strategy is more your thing, challenge your friends to card games, rounds of chess, Mahjong, or other board games.

Putting together bookish puzzles is another great way to tease your mind, and feels so rewarding when you get to see the big picture all put-together. Try our literary-themed puzzles for a bit of bookish fun, like this Sweets and Treats Theme Art Puzzle or this Wonderland Puzzle.

  1. Watching Book-to-Film/TV Adaptations

regency era woman sits on the floor and cries onto a chair

It’s mind-blowing how many film and TV adaptations have been created from literature over the last century or so, the oldest ever being French director Georges Méliès’s 1899 film adaptations of Cinderella and King John. We love book to screen adaptations so much, we have several articles on some of our favorites:

For romance-lovers, here are our top Swoon-worthy Romance Books Turned Movie.

Fans of Jane Austen will love watching all of the Pride and Prejudice Adaptations.

Or, for a more magical list, here are some of our favorite Neil Gaiman Book Adaptations.

Grab some snacks and binge watch them all on your own. Or, have a movie night with your book club after finishing your monthly read!

17. Caring for Plants

woman holding a yellow watering can and watering a house plant

Caring for plants is probably one of the most perfect hobbies for book lovers because it requires you to be mindful and take your time as you care for them. Not only is it so rewarding to care for a plant and watch it grow, but studies show that getting in touch with nature is actually good for your health and well-being. So bring some green into your home and see what a difference it makes for your mood and mental health! While you're at it, check out this Collectible Herbology Key if your green thumb happens to be a little magical. 


While reading will always be our number one love, trying out some of these hobbies for book lovers is a nice brain break from the pages of your current read and a fantastic way to connect with the greater bookish community. Uncover new, creative parts of yourself, get out there, and dive into some new hobbies!

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