LitJoy's Magical Subscription Crate Says Goodbye

LitJoy's Magical Subscription Crate Says Goodbye

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Hello Magical Family!

Take Me Home Magical Crate Theme Art sold by LitJoy Crate

LitJoy launched the Magical Subscription Crate because we deeply desired to create something solid and tangible from a fictional world we fell in love with. The Magical Subscription was the first place that stretched our creativity outside of what everyone was doing and really let our originality, cleverness, and cheekiness shine. This reading community has always been about sharing our passion for books and the emotions and lessons we’ve learned from them. Reading is a solitary and enchanting experience, and creating these crates was a way to unite us in our shared experiences. It was magical in itself to create items and have our customers understand exactly what those items meant or represented. Watching our customers open Magical Crates and laugh and cry over products that we laughed and cried over while creating has been incredible and unifying in this community!

After much thoughtful discussion and contemplation, we feel that now is the right time to close the chapter on our Magical Subscription. LitJoy will continue to create Magical-themed items and keys, but we will also be shifting a portion of our energy towards other worlds and wondrous stories. For LitJoy, the magic is in reading and we will continue to create magic with products and books we love!


Alix, Kelly, & the LitJoy Team

Goodbye Magical Crate letter from Alix, Kelly and LitJoy Team

  • If you had a quarterly or annual subscription that you have not canceled or skipped, your Take Me Home crate is secured.

  • If purchased an annual subscription, you should have been refunded for any remaining crates that would extend past the July crate.

Remember, even though the Magical crate is saying goodbye, the magic still lives on at LitJoy, especially in the Magical Shop, so keep following to see what enchantments await!

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