LitJoy's Spooky Finds: A Spine-Chilling Spectacular!

LitJoy's Spooky Finds: A Spine-Chilling Spectacular!

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Welcome to the world of literary enchantment and eerie delights! In this roundup of spooky finds, we've curated a collection of bewitching and spine-tingling products that will add a touch of magic to your bookish life. From haunting candle holders to enchanting book totes, these items are perfect for readers who adore all things macabre and mystical. Join us as we explore these spooky finds that are sure to cast a spell over you.

Candlelit Magic and Haunting Decor

Spine Candle Holders

Spine Candle Holders sold by LitJoy

Back by popular demand! These Spine Candle Holders will send a shiver down your spine and add a touch of sinister elegance to any room.

Ghost Reader Magnets

Spooky Finds Ghost Reader Magnets

Haunted by your towering TBR pile? These Ghost Reader Magnets will eerily secure your book shopping list on your fridge or hold up your favorite notes, pictures, and more with ghostly flair.

Bloody Mia Cocktail Pin

A bloody mary featuring a sword and Mr. Kindly from Jay Kristoff's Nevernight Chronicles Bloody Mia Cocktail Enamel Pin sold by LitJoy

Sip your fears away with the Bloody Mia Cocktail Enamel Pin inspired by Darkin Mia Corvere from The Nevernight Chronicle. A quirky and bold accessory for lovers of the dark side!

Witchy Accessories for the Book Coven

Book Coven Tote

Book Coven Tote sold by LitJoy with a witchy silhouette and reads "Book Club Coven" with "club" crossed out

Embrace your inner witch with the Book Coven Witch Tote . Featuring a witch silhouette and gold stars, it's the perfect accessory for book lovers who want to flaunt their witchy ways.

When the Villain Is Hot Enamel Pin

When the Villain Is Hot Enamel Pin with spinner like a compass reads "I lose my moral compass when the villain is hot"

Admit your literary guilty pleasures with the When the Villain Is Hot Enamel Pin . Playfully expressing your fascination with fictional rogues, it's an accessory that proudly declares your weakness for villains.

Potions and Poisons Book Mug

Potions and Poisons Book Mug sold by LitJoy a green mug that looks like a book with a handle

Enhance your potion-making skills with the Potions and Poisons Book Mug . It adds a pinch of spice to your culinary creations, perfect for aspiring potion masters.

Dark Secrets Unveiled with Collectibles

Dark Wizard Manor Key

Dark Wizard Manor Key collectible magical key with charms

Unlock the secrets of the sinister manor headquarters with the Dark Wizard Manor Key . Featuring an albino peacock and dark wizard charms, this collectible is for those who embrace the darker side of magic.

Grimoire Book Sleeve

Grimoire Book Sleeve sold by LitJoy Crate

Protect your precious grimoires with the Grimoire Book Sleeve , inspired by the Class Ten Draconium Grimoire. Its dragon scale design and ancient "Librum Draconum" lettering offer both style and protection.

Witch Discovery Book Lamp

Witch Discovery Book Lamp - open book to reveal light

Request Ashmole 782 from the Bodleian Library with the Witch Discovery Book Lamp . This magical LED lamp transforms from a book-like cover into a luminous wonder, perfect for bookworms of all kinds.

Literary Magic Meets Cozy Comfort

ACOTAR Cauldron Blessed Mug

ACOTAR Cauldron replica as a mug that reads "Cauldron Blessed" in witchy script

Rekindle your magic with the ACOTAR Cauldron Blessed Mug . Featuring the black cauldron from the series, it's ideal for keeping your favorite beverages warm as you immerse yourself in your favorite stories.

Autumn Readers Dessert Plate

A decorative plate with a person reading in an autumn decorated book room with a window looking out into autumn

Cozy up with the Autumn Readers Dessert Plate [link when dropped], perfect for serving seasonal treats. With its bookish sitting room and rainy autumn day backdrop, it adds a touch of literary charm to your gatherings.

Wuthering Heights Blanket

Wuthering Heights Blanket featuring Catherine one half of her is a skeleton

Cozy up with the hauntingly beautiful Wuthering Heights Skeleton Blanket , inspired by Heathcliff's obsession. This cozy blanket features incredible fan art and is perfect for those who appreciate eerie tales.

Spooky Books to Haunt Your Shelves

Gothic Horror Collection

Gothic Horror Collection Box Set Books: Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Selected Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Venture into the dark with LitJoy's Gothic Horror Box Set . This collection includes classic tales of vampires, haunting portraits, and more. Perfect for those who crave spine-tingling reads. LitJoy's Gothic Horror Box Set includes:

All books are available together in the box set with a BONUS slipcase AND individually!

Coraline Illustrated Special Edition

(Preorder - Estimated Ship Date: Early 2024)

Dare to enter a world of eerie enchantment with the Coraline Illustrated Special Edition . This darkly whimsical adventure, penned by Neil Gaiman, unveils hidden doorways and button-eyed terrors. The special edition features a new cover and interior illustrations by the talented @bohemianweasel , making Coraline's journey other-worldly!

Wuthering Heights

Special Edition Wuthering Heights book cover with Catherine and Heathcliff holding hands around a tree, both backs to the tree

Join us on the English moors as LitJoy's Wuthering Heights special edition explores the intense romance of Catherine and Heathcliff in Emily Brontë's haunting classic. Moody, romantic, and strikingly beautiful, this tale will transport you to a world of love and obsession.

Jane Eyre

Special Edition Jane Eyre book cover

LitJoy brings you another classic gothic romance with a bit of a ghost story in our special edition of Jane Eryre , a tale of quiet heroism, horrific secrets, and unwavering love. Charlotte Brontë's gothic novel follows Jane, an orphaned girl who grows into a formidable woman through tragedy and willpower. Her journey is a dark and twisted thriller that has captured readers' hearts for over 170 years.

Get ready to haunt your bookish world with these "spooky finds" that will leave you spellbound.

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