Neil Gaiman Coraline Is Coming to LitJoy + Cover Reveal!

Neil Gaiman Coraline Is Coming to LitJoy + Cover Reveal!

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Dare to enter a world of eerie enchantment with our next release in the Neil Gaiman collection . . . Coraline! Unveiling hidden doorways and button-eyed terrors, this darkly whimsical adventure will captivate your imagination. Coraline will have a new cover and interior illustrations by the talented @bohemianweasel! We can't wait for you to join Coraline as she ventures beyond the mundane and into the realm of the extraordinary. This special edition will be other-worldly!

The Coraline Illustrated Edition will feature:

- A NEW cover

- Illustrated location endpapers

- Custom page edges

- Illustrated tip-in pages

- In-text illustrations throughout the book

The Coraline Deluxe Illustrated Edition will include all features above plus:

- Neil Gaiman's SIGNATURE

- Gorgeous custom slipcase

- There will also be a limited supply of these signed books.

Artist featured in Coraline:

- Slipcase, cover designs, and interior illustrations by @bohemianweasel

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The Coraline Illustrated Edition will sell for $39.99 and the Coraline Deluxe Illustrated Edition will sell for $49.99.

Dates to Remember:

September 13, 10am MST - Lunacorns SALES OPEN for preorder

September 14, 10 am MST - Public SALES OPEN for preorder

Estimated Ship Date is Early 2024

About the Author

Neil Gaiman

Author Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman was born in Hampshire, UK, and now lives in the United States near Minneapolis. As a child he discovered his love of books, reading, and stories, devouring the works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Branch Cabell, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Moorcock, Ursula K. LeGuin, Gene Wolfe, and G.K. Chesterton. A self-described "feral child who was raised in libraries," Gaiman credits librarians with fostering a life-long love of reading.

Neil Gaiman is credited with being one of the creators of modern comics, as well as an author whose work crosses genres and reaches audiences of all ages. He is listed in the Dictionary of Literary Biography as one of the top ten living post-modern writers and is a prolific creator of works of prose, poetry, film, journalism, comics, song lyrics, and drama.

Gaiman has achieved cult status and attracted increased media attention, with recent profiles in The New Yorker magazine and by CBS News Sunday Morning .

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