Red Queen Special Edition Box Set Book Tour

Red Queen Special Edition Box Set Book Tour

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Join the Scarlet Guard and rebel against the forces that keep you silent! We have partnered with the amazing Victoria Aveyard to bring you the #1 New York Times bestselling series filled with power, intrigue, and betrayal. We are pleased to present the Red Queen Series Special Edition Box Set! Side with Mare and Cal (or is it Maven?) and break down this division among the people of Norta.

What color is your blood?

This officially licensed © Victoria Aveyard Red Queen Series Special Edition Box Set includes:

All 5 books in the Red Queen series: Red Queen, Glass Sword , King's Cage, War Storm, and Broken Throne

Red Queen Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Crate

All 5 HARDCOVERS are designed by independent artist @kurai_geijutsu who captures the essence of these heroes in perfect detail on each cover. And @andrewdavis_designs added the foiled borders and typography to complete the look. We love how each character's story arc is reflected in their interactions with the crown from the original book covers (a clever idea from Victoria Aveyard and carried out by Kurai).

Each book in the series includes beautiful custom FOILED ENDPAPERS designed by @ravenpagesdesign with a similar illustration that alternates between red and silver, symbolizing the blood colors that characterize this unforgettable series. This endpaper design is foiled—a NEW and unique feature of our box sets. At the heart of each intricate design lies the crest of Norta, the kingdom of Cal and Maven. This powerful emblem represents their royal lineage and their unique abilities as "burners." Flanking the crest are the flags of the Scarlet Guard, the fierce resistance movement fighting against the oppressive regime. The center of their emblem features a sun, torn apart to reflect the struggles and sacrifices of those who dare to stand against the ruling elite. And, for fans of the iconic lightning bolt, there's a special nod to Mare, the unforgettable heroine who embodies the spirit of rebellion.

Red foiled endpapers from Red Queen Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Crate Silver foiled endpapers in Red Queen Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Crate

This exclusive Red Queen box set features custom-designed PAGE EDGES of the iconic and fan favorite crowns, with the red blood of the resistance, in a stunning showcase of the epic clash of power in the Red Queen series.

Red Queen Special Edition Box Set custom-designed PAGE EDGES

Along with the beautiful new covers and TIP-IN ART by @morgana0anagrom , @dianadworak , and @laura_sava_art , Victoria Aveyard has ANNOTATED each of the five books! These notes, comments, and background information make reading this series such a fun experience. And this author went above and beyond to give you over 460 annotations! You're going to feel as powerful as a Newblood as you read each book.

Annotations by Victoria Aveyard in LitJoy's Red Queen Special Edition Box Set

And all 5 books come together in a striking SLIPCASE designed IN HOUSE that actually glows in the dark. It's quite stunning!

Slipcase for Red Queen Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Crate Glow in the dark version of the Red Queen Special Edition Box Set SLIPCASE

Keep scrolling to see individual pictures of the incredible art in each book!

Red Queen

Cover by @kurai_geijutsu and @andrewdavis_designs

Mare Barrow on the front cover of Red Queen book 1 sold by LitJoy Crate

The cover to Red Queen features the tough Mare Barrow holding a crown in defiance. She reveals her red blood, even though she has powers like a Silver. Notice her signature earrings and how her hair goes from brown to silver at the ends. We love how @kurai_geijutsu brought her to life on the cover!

Back Cover Quote:

"Anyone Can Betray Anyone"

Signature Page

The first book in the Red Queen series, Red Queen, is HAND SIGNED by Victoria Aveyard on a fully illustrated signature page with art by @brianamoraart who was inspired by the crowns from the original covers of the Red Queen series.

Red Queen signature page in book 1 Red Queen Special Edition Box SetTip-Ins

One of the most epic scenes in Red Queen is when Mare falls through the electricity field in the Queenstrial arena. This electrifying scene is illustrated by @Morgana0anagrom.

Mare Barrow falling through the electricity field Red Queen tip-in art

@dianadwoark captures Mare and Cal in perfect detail in this intimate moment.

Mare and Cal Red Queen fan art tip-in

@laura_sava_art depicts all the emotion in Cal's wretched face he is made to kill his father.

This Red Queen fan art tip in shows Cal killing his father

Glass Sword

Cover by @kurai_geijutsu and @andrewdavis_designs

Tiberias Calore VII "Cal" on the cover of Glass Sword book 2 of the Red Queen series

Tiberias Calore VII is on the cover of the second book in the series, Glass Sword. Strong-willed Cal had us by the heartstrings when he caught Mare stealing from him and helped her. He has the crown in his hands, but shows his reluctance to take the throne. His burner ability shows through his fire-starter bracelet and his gaze makes us want to pick up this book and read it right now.

Back Cover Quote:

“Lightning has no mercy.”


@Morgana0anagrom's Red Queen fan art allows us to feel Mare's understanding as she touches Cameron's should while training at the Notch.

Red Queen Book 2 Glass Sword tip-in art showing Mare and Cameron trainng

Witness the moment Mare realizes Shade is dying before her in the Red Queen fan art created by @dianadwoark.

Red Queen Book 2 Glass Sword tip-in art showing Shade dying in front of Mare

Our hearts go out to Mare in this favorite fan moment at Whitefire Palace illustrated with such passion by @laura_sava_art.

Mare chained up kneeling before King Maven Red Queen tip-in art

King's Cage

Cover by @kurai_geijutsu and @andrewdavis_designs

Maven places the crown on his head on the cover of Book 3 of The Red Queen Special Edition Box Set by LitJoy Crate

Oh, Maven. Of course, he had to make himself known on the cover of King's Cage . This complex character is smart and sly and the quote on the cover reminds us that he's dangerous too. Like his half-brother, Cal, Maven's burner ability shows as he places the crown on his own head. If you've read the book, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Maven.

Back Cover Quote:

"Monsters are Most Dangerous When They’re Afraid."


The scene where Iris stands in the center of the royal court creating a shield of water to protect Maven and Evangeline is gorgeously captured by @laura_sava_art.

Iris shields water in this Red Queen tip-in art of Book 3 King's Cage

@dianadwoark captures this intimate kill between Evangeline and Elane.

Evangeline and Elane share an intimate kiss in book 3 King's Cage of the Red Queen series

Cal is hesitant but accepts his throne in this Red Queen fan art by @Morgana0anagrom

Anabel and Cal as Cal accepts his throne in this tip-in art

War Storm

Cover by @kurai_geijutsu and @andrewdavis_designs

Evangeline gets her own cover on book 4 War Storm of LitJoy's Red Queen series

We couldn't have the series without including the attractive Evangeline. True to form, she's wearing metal which she needs to use her magnetron ability. This powerful woman knows what she wants and does everything in her power to get it. The War Storm cover shows her with the iconic crown from the original book cover, broken in her hands, showing her fury at what the crown has taken from her.

Back Cover Quote:

“I am different from what my world demands I be. And I am not worse for it.”


Join the dinner party scene in Montfort with Mare, Cal, Evangeline, Farley, and Davidson as depicted by @laura_sava_art.

Red Queen Tip-in art Dinner party scene in War Storm

Fire and water collide in @Morgana0anagrom's Red Queen fan art showing Cal vs. Iris on top of a battleship during the Battle of Harbor Bay.

Red Queen tip-in art from War Storm Book 4 Cal vs. Iris

@Dianadwoark shows the fierce intensity of the final battle between Mare and Maven with Maven's hands around Mare's throat.

Red Queen tip-in art book 4 War Storm Maven choking Mare

Broken Throne

Cover by @kurai_geijutsu and @andrewdavis_designs

Mare and Cal on the cover of Broken Throne book 5 of The Red Queen Special Edition Box Set sold by LitJoy Crate

The only way that we could complete the covers for the Red Queen series was to include the couple that started it all: Mare and Cal. The Broken Throne cover includes the duo who fought for freedom. If you look closely, you'll notice that there is no crown coming between them.

Back Cover Quote:

“We are all a God’s Chosen, and we are all a God’s Cursed.”

While there are no new tip ins in the final book, we kept all art and formatting from the original versions of the book.

Art and annotations from book 5 Broken Throne in the Red Queen series

Intrigue, stunning art, and exclusive annotations await in LitJoy's Red Queen Series Special Edition Box Set. Uncover the power struggles, secrets, and epic clashes of Victoria Aveyard's bestselling series, leaving you eager to delve into this world of rebellion and discover the hidden depths of each captivating character.

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