The LitJoy Podcast with Alix and Kelly

The LitJoy Podcast with Alix and Kelly

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LitJoy Crate is thrilled to introduce The LitJoy Podcast with Kelly and Alix! This is an exciting new venture that's set to redefine the way you experience stories. Join Kelly and Alix, the creative minds behind LitJoy, as they take us on a journey through the world of literature.

Kelly sitting on left in an orange power suit and shoes kicked off; Alix sitting on right in a yellow power suit supported by Kelly

Why a Podcast?

Since the inception of LitJoy, Kelly and Alix have been committed to fostering meaningful connections with their community. They have seen great success with building community through our Lunacorn Live sessions on Facebook. For those of you new to LitJoy, the Lunacorns are members of our exclusive VIP membership. Learn more about the Lunacorns here!

Because of the success of these Facebook Lives, we have received frequent requests for more in-depth interviews and discussions. In response to that demand, we've created The LitJoy Podcast—a dynamic platform for immersive conversations and explorations into the magic of stories.

Where to Listen?

The LitJoy Podcast will be available in audio format on major podcast hosting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and oftentimes video for YouTube.

What Will Be Discussed?

The podcast will feature an engaging mix of content, with four 45-minute episodes and four 10-minute episodes released each month. Listeners can expect a diverse range of topics, including:

🎤 Author Interviews: Dive deep into the minds of your favorite authors as they reveal their inspirations and experiences.

📚 Book Community Insights: Connect with influencers, literary agents, and prominent figures in the book community, gaining valuable insights.

📖 Book Tours and Roundups: Stay up-to-date with the season's premier titles and book recommendations.

📕 Book Club: Join Kelly and Alix as they read a book a month with the LitJoy community, engaging in lively discussions right on the podcast.

The podcast aligns with LitJoy's core purpose: to cultivate connection and joy through stories. Alix and Kelly will offer listeners a front-row seat to their passionate discussions about the best fictional reads, bridging the gap between literature and community.

Who's The LitJoy Podcast for?

We invite readers, podcast enthusiasts, and all story lovers to join us as we launch, creating a unique and vibrant space where storytelling comes to life in a whole new way.

Binge the first 4 episodes here:

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