The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels Book Tour

The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels Book Tour

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Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angelscomes to life in LitJoy's Special Edition The Mortal Instruments Box Set! Have a look at the special features and tip-in fan art we've added to the fourth installment of this beloved YA fantasy book series.

The Mortal War has come to an end and Clary Fray is excited to begin her Shadowhunter training . . . but peace may not last for long. Shadowhunters are mysteriously getting murdered, which could cause a second clash between Shadowhunters and Downworlders.


The front cover features Elf-bolts and the back cover depicts a beautiful illustration of the Seelie Queen by @carloseqo. Lettering on the cover is exquisitely done by The end pages are fully illustrated with artwork by @jjcanvas_art. Cassandra Clare's handwritten annotations can be found throughout the entire book, and as a BONUS we've added select chapters from The Shadowhunter's Codex!



Let's take a peek at the stunning tip-in art included in City of Fallen Angels! SPOILER WARNING for fantasy book loverswho have The Mortal Instruments series on their TBR list!


Tip-In Art #1: Clary Fray and Isabelle "Izzy" Lightwood in the Church of Talto by

After Clary starts to realize that someone is injecting infants with demon blood, she is led back to the Church of Talto to investigate. Clary texts Izzy to let her know she is in the church as a safety precaution, and it's not long after that she realizes she is in over her head. She finds clues that hint at the creation of an army, using the demon blood-injected infants. Two men associated with the church soon find Clary and turn into Hydra, a multi-headed demon, to attack her.

Clary's weapons prove to be futile and at the last minute, Izzy arrives at the church to assist her. Izzy uses her whip to kill the Hydra demon and save Clary. We chose this scene because it displays a powerful moment between two fierce Shadowhunter women!


Tip-In Art #2: Simon Lewis Saves Clary Fray from Lilith by @sophia_volovik

A tense battle breaks out after we learn that Lilith is the demon that is supplying blood to inject infants in hopes of creating an army of demons. In an effort to save everybody, Simon drinks blood from a demon to try and kill him. This leaves Simon ill and Lilith is able to capture Clary.

Seeing Clary being tortured, Simon musters up energy with his vampire strength to block Clary from Lilith's whip. He takes the whip slash and is protected by the Mark of Cain, a protection mark put on him in a previous book. Unfortunately for Lilith, whoever attacks someone with this mark is attacked back sevenfold. We love this moment because it displays a true act of heroism by Simon—even Cassie's annotation on the page expresses how proud she is of him! 

This stunning special edition of City of Fallen Angelsis part of our box set of The Mortal Instruments. Included in this box set are all 6 of The Mortal Instruments books: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire.Shop our Special Edition The Mortal Instruments Box Settoday! 


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