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  • Pride and Prejudice Shipping Update

    Aug 12 2020

    Attention! Due to weather damages our Pride and Prejudice books have been delayed. We will begin shipping them September 20th. We are so ...

  • 7.2 Magical Crate Update

    Aug 03 2020

    Shipping labels have been printed and we can no longer change the address to your Magical Crate.  Please contact your post office to have...

  • Paused Shop Orders: Won't Shipping Until August 10th

    Aug 03 2020

    As our warehouse team is quality checking and fulfilling our Magical Crate 7.2, all shop products will not be shipping until August 10th.

  • 7.2 Magical Crate Shipping Update

    Jul 28 2020

    We have everything from this crate but ONE!!  We have been waiting for over a week for customs to release one final item in this crate.  ...

  • July 2020 Shipping

    Jul 21 2020

    Kitting and fulfillment have started for the July subscriptions.  July subscriptions will be shipped out in batches every day this week. ...