Glacian Trilogy Collection - Stacey McEwan

We went over the Ledge and into the Chasm... now it's time to find our way home.

We're thrilled to announce the LitJoy Exclusive Special Edition of Valley, the epic conclusion to the Glacian trilogy by TikTok sensation Stacy McEwan. Mark your calendars now for June 25 (June 24 for Lunacorns) to preorder your LitJoy edition!

“All things find a way back home.”

Deep in the Chasm, we reunite with a power-drained Dawsyn and her followers as she attempts to lead them on the perilous journey home. With royal enemies drawing closer from behind and darkness ahead, the unknown abounds and secrets threaten.

Return for the thrilling end to this epic Romantasy trilogy, filled with exhilarating magic and heart-breaking betrayals. Find out if Dawsyn and her people will survive the journey and escape the Chasm once and for all, and what they'll have to do to finally make it home.

Valley LitJoy Exclusive Special Edition features include:

  • AUTHOR'S SIGNATURE: endpapers signed by Stacy McEwan!!
  • COVERS: custom multi-flash foiled casewrap
  • DUST JACKET: custom dust jacket with multi-flash foil (color changes from the original) 
  • ENDPAPERS: custom endpapers
  • PAGE EDGES: custom digitally designed page edges
  • Price:$25.99

Important Dates:

  • June 24 at 10am MT - Lunacorn Early Access
  • Limit one per customer during Lunacorn early access
  • June 25 at 10am MT - Public Access
  • Estimated Ship date: Fall 2024

Stacey McEwan

About the Author

Stacey McEwan is the best-selling author of the Glacian Trilogy. Her debut fantasy romance novel - Ledge, has been translated into three languages. Not to brag, but her high school English teacher once called her writing "above year level standard." Stacey received a bachelor's degree in education in 2012 and remains a school teacher by day. She is a book reviewer and content creator on multiple platforms, including Tiktok and Instagram. Stacey first published after book lovers of the internet encouraged her to share her story ideas. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast, Australia, and still resides in her hometown with her husband, two children and one questionable dog.