Jane Eyre


We are so excited to present LitJoy Classic’s edition of Jane Eyre, book 3 in the Romantic Collection! The gorgeous illustrations encompass all of the need for human connection and love that exists in this powerful gothic novel.

Book Summary:

Jane Eyre is a story of quiet heroism, horrific secrets, and lies uncovered. A tale loved by millions of readers, this story follows Jane as a young orphaned girl who, through tragedy and unwavering will, grows into a formidable woman. Her spirit is contagious. Her good heart is the center of the story. And while readers can't help but love her, they are also pulled into a dark and twisted tale that casts the book as a thriller! Published over 170 years ago, the tale of Jane Eyre is one written to capture readers for years to come.

LitJoy Special Edition Customizations:

  • Gold-printed cover art by @superstarfighter
  • SIX illustrated pages by @superstarfighter within the book (5 printed in gold ink and 1 printed in red ink)
  • Gold-printed slipcase art by @superstarfighter
  • Gilded gold edges
  • A gold ribbon
  • Lettering work by @calligraphy.org