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The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set


Grab your twin blades and gird your loins . . . for we have listened to your demands and we bring you The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set! 

This officially licensed ©Jay Kristoff box set includes:

  • All THREE books in The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff: Nevernight, Godsgrave, and Darkdawnare included in this set
  • Each book has faux leather covers with debossed designs
  • There are 6 ILLUSTRATED END PAGES on upgraded fine art paper, two unique end pages per book
  • And 5 ILLUSTRATED TIP-IN pages per book
  • 1 Bonus vellum art TIP-IN page
  • All THREE BOOKS books are SIGNED by Jay Kristoff (eek!), each on a unique fully illustrated signature page!
  • ANNOTATIONS! Jay has ANNOTATED each book. That’s right, Jay wrote notes and added drawings with his own hand throughout the whole series just for LitJoy fans. Gentlefriends, there are over 650+ annotations and drawings!
  • Fully-illustrated SLIPCASE with a NEW design style
  • The PAGE EDGES feature a custom design
  • Printed on Acid-Free Paper
  • Bonus Content: In addition to the above customizations, we are including:
  • NEW Letter from Jay to LitJoy customers in Nevernight
  • 1 Bonus Chapter (Damsel) in Godsgrave
  • 3 Bonus Chapters (Question, Three, and Ashes) in Darkdawn
  • The original manuscript maps but in FULL COLOR!
  • Note! Each Boxed Set comes with a FREE Adventure Card!

Collector's Edition Artists:

*Content Disclaimer: The Nevernight Chronicle is an adult series that includes adult themes, harsh language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity. Two tip-in illustrations in the LitJoy Publishing Special Edition include partial nudity.

*Please note that the book set comes with an extra hardcover box not pictured in photos. This extra box is for protection and not aesthetics, so it may have some minor imperfections.

Peek Inside: Nevernight

Nevernight Interior Artwork Process Video