Legends and Lore Crate

The Legends and Lore Crate features the stories BEHIND the stories! Fable, mystery, secret, or fairytale, we all love a good story! Whether it's a myth or a whispered rumor, these are the tales that thrill or excite in the magical world, and we can't wait to hear the shrieks and screams (of joy, of course ) when you’re opening your box!

Items that are exclusive to this magical crate:

  • Advanced Potion Making book box AND a 250-piece Come and Go Room puzzle with artwork by @alicemariapower
  • Secret Chamber notebook designed by  @Maggie.rose.studio

Additional items included in the crate:

  • Brothers bookends (2) designed by @rjgualberto.art
  • The Haunted Shack ceramic mug with artwork by @anastasia_lavru
  • Red crystal philosopher's stone 
  • Legends and Lore theme artwork print by @seasidespirit
  • Dark Wizard Adventure Card with artwork by  @sophia_volovik

  This crate does not include a book.