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Seekers (of the LitJoy Magical Edition Crate)! Something truly magical is happening March 25 - April 8! LitJoy is hosting a game (or match, if you will) where YOU can #CatchTheSnitch Gold Foiled Trading Card!You know all about our Trading Card collection, going on since June 2018. This deck comes with 54 cards total, and one of these cards is hard to catch! The gold foiled GOLDEN SNITCH CARD! 

But good news seekers . . . we are hosting a game where if you repost an image on social media with the tag: #CatchTheSnitch, you will receive the gold foiled GOLDEN SNITCH CARD for FREE as an Add-On to your Year 6 Magical Edition Crate purchase. That’s right . . . FREE!Here is how you enter to catch a snitch of your very own! 


The #CatchTheSnitch Challenge is open from March 25 to April 8 at 10 p.m. Mountain Time. You must submit your entry during that time.

Step 1:

Create a post on social media to share the excitement of the Year 6 Magical Edition Crate!

  • Your must post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all three!). 
  •  You must use the images provided below. 
  •  Use these hashtags in your post #catchthesnitch #litjoymagicaledition and #litjoycrate

Step 2:

Send us a direct link to your post(s) online using this form! We also need your name, email, and address so we can connect your entry with your Year 6 Magical Edition Crate order.

  • Only one post is required, but you can send up to three with your entry form! 
  • Only one entry per person / one card per crate order

Step 3:

Purchase the Magical Edition Crate when sales open April 11th! We'll take care of the rest!

Images to Post:

Choose any of the following images to use in your posts.

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