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Magical Edition Crates

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LitJoy's Magical Edition Crate

Items in the Crate Sneak Peeks!

A Bookbeau Booksleeve

Protect your books against the forces of dark magic! (A.K.A. bent corners and tears) For our 7.1 crate, LitJoy is teaming up with the incredible @bookbeau to create a LitJoy-Exclusive XL Book Beau Booksleeve! Hint: the artwork was created to look like a very important book of fairytales!

A Tribute to Hedwig

No owl has ever captured our hearts quite like Hedwig. We pay tribute to her with a special item, designed by LitJoy, that will melt your heart this wintery holiday season!

Artwork by Holly Dunn Designs (on 2 items)

Holly’s work has become a staple in our Magical Edition Crates and we are delighted that her collection continues with not 1, but 2 items in our 7.1 crate! Holly has illustrated a book cover for the front of a LitJoy-exclusive @bookbeau, and another item that we are keeping secret for now!

A Campfire Mug

Pull a mug out of Hermione’s beaded bag and cozy up on the worst camping trip every ;)! Trekking around the woods with a Horcrux about your neck can be draining work, but luckily we’ve got a campfire mug perfect for the task! A LitJoy-exclusive campfire mug will be in every 7.1 crate with amazing artwork on it!

A Representation of Hermione’s Beaded Bag

Pull a mug out of Hermione’s beaded bag and cozy up on the worst camping trip every ;)! Trekking around the woods with a Horcrux about your neck can be draining work, but luckily we’ve got a campfire mug perfect for the task! A LitJoy-exclusive campfire mug will be in every 7.1 crate with amazing artwork on it!

A Dust and Pages Enamel Pin with Moving Parts

Dust and Pages brings the timeless trio of nerdy, quality, and clever design to pin crafting! We are thrilled to be including a LitJoy-exclusive Dust and Pages enamel pin in our 7.1 Crate! You’re definitely going to want to “catch” this pin ;)!

A Representation of the Gryffindor Sword

You never know when the Sword of Gryffindor may appear, but it only appears to those who are worthy. Will you be worthy of the sword found in our 7.1 Magical Edition Crate?

Optional Add-ons Sneak Peeks!

Large Gillyweed Candle (9 oz.)

“‘You has to eat this, sir!’ squeaked the elf, and he put his hand in the pocket of his shorts and drew out a ball of what looked like slimy, greyish green rat tails. ‘Right before you go into the lake, sir – Gillyweed!’”
 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

Fresh out of Gillyweed? We most definitely have you covered. This fresh and fragrant Gillyweed candle has all the magical properties of Gillyweed, without the slimy texture and disgusting taste! Burn, smell, and enjoy! More about this candle: 

- A LARGE 9-ounce candle 

- A LitJoy-Exclusive item Designed and poured by Say Anything Studios @sayanythingstudios 

A fragrance of garden herbs, green roots, and wet earth. Fresh and sweet! 

- First created in a smaller size for LitJoy’s Year 4 Magical Edition Crate

Ministry of Magic Entrance Coin

Make your work commute into the Ministry a simple as a flip of a coin! Use your Ministry of Magic Entrance Coin to get into the Whitehall public loo stalls and flush yourself into work quicker than a flick of your wand! 

This LitJoy-exclusive quality collectors coin was designed by Maggie Rose of @aloyartworks and the LitJoy design team. It comes in a velvet bag for safe keeping, is quite heavy, and the perfect coin to add to your replica collection! 

Three Brothers Light Box

“There were once three brothers who were traveling along the lonely, winding road at twilight—”
- Hermione, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 

Step into The Tale of the Three Brothers with this LitJoy-exclusive Light Box! Never has your room or bookshelf looked so enchanting than with this glowing fairytale! This stunning item features:Design and artwork by paper artist Rosie of @rosiethorns88A quality wood frame for beautiful display both with and without the light on 

Newt Scamander's Magical Pin Advent Calendar

Holiday magic is flying in fast! Celebrate the magic with an item so Fantastic, you’ll want to display it year round!LitJoy has worked tirelessly with artist Ana Paula Azevedo @anaa.ilustra to create a 12-Day Fantastic Beast Enamel Pin Advent Calendar! 

This advent includes: 

  • 12 LitJoy-Exclusive hard ENAMEL PINS, each featuring a Fantastic Beast! The beasts include: a Niffler, Occamy, Bowtruckle, Fwooper, Demiguise, Thunderbird, Swooping Evil, Mooncalf, Kelpie, Zouwu, Phoneix, and Thestral! All pins are individually packaged! This makes each pin a surprise, not to be spoiled until its day of the advent! 

  • All pins come in a MINIATURE NEWT SUITCASE! For year-round storage, pins will come in a Newt Scamander miniature suitcase! 

  • An advent pin BANNER, designed to display each pin from your advent! 

This item is of high quality, exceptional design, and something really special to cherish (or gift) this holiday season!

Adopt A Pygmy Puff (available in two colors)

Pygmy Puff in need of a home! We’ve got a few Pygmy Puffs (miniature puffskeins, obviously) that are waiting to be adopted. These little puffs come with a pink cage, a bright and clever box, and an adoption certificate of their own! Look how cute they are, just waiting to be yours! ;)

Pygmy Puff Slippers

Every student needs a pet, every foot . . . a PYGMY PUFF! Step into the coziest pair of slippers a witch or wizard could buy! 

With full-foot coverage, these furry friends are not slipping anywhere. And they come in the softest fur, you'll want to wear them and cuddle with them! 

Small 5/6 (24 Centimeters in length) 

Medium 7/8 (25.7 Centimeters in length) 

Large 9/10 (27.4 Centimeters in length) 

Extra Large 11/12 (29.1 Centimeters in length)

Luna Lovegood Blanket

“‘Hello' said a vague and dreamy voice from behind them. Harry looked up: Luna Lovegood had drifted over from the Ravenclaw table. Many people were staring at her and few people openly laughing and pointing; she had managed to procure a hat shaped like a life-size lion's head, which was perched precariously on her head.” 

Luna Lovegood is a fan favorite Harry Potter character, and for very good reason. Her happiness, positivity, and kindness is contagious. Make sure to look for all of the fun details on this gorgeous Luna blanket! 

Slytherin Locket

What looks like an ordinary family heirloom we know to be a dangerous and dark artifact. You’ll want to keep this locket close, keep it safe, and never succumb to the darkness that calls to you from within! 

Features of the Slytherin Locket: 

 - A LitJoy-designed and -exclusive item 

 - Comes in a shimmery green box for safe keeping 

 - Includes a note from R.A.B. 

 - Locket is gem-encrusted and functional!

12 Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches Notebook

“This isn’t your average book. It’s pure gold . . . [it’s] not all about the wandwork.” - Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Looking to catch that special witch in your life? Can’t attract her attention? Problem solved! We’ll teach you just what to say to put a twinkle in her eye.This LitJoy-Exclusive journal is a stunning replica of the clever and charming 12 Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches found in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! 

It features: 

  • Gold foil printing on the cover 

  • Lined Journal pages 

  • Stunning artwork by Holly Dunn @hollydunndesign on the full cover and end pages

  • A stitched spine for flat lay writing

  • A ribbon to mark your place

Advanced Potion-Making Notebook

A keen eye is required when reading scribbles in the margins of the Half Blood Prince’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making. You may just want to scribble a few notes of your own!This beautiful LitJoy-exclusive journal is a replica of the famous Advanced Potion-Making textbook from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It features: 

  • Silver foil printing on the cover

  • Lined Journal pages

  • Stunning artwork by Holly Dunn @hollydunndesign on the full cover and end pages

  • A stitched spine for flat lay writing

  • A ribbon to mark your place

Mermaid Window Shower Curtain

Make your way to the Hogwarts fifth floor where you will find the Prefects’ Bathroom adorned in windows (Shower Curtains) of stunning mermaids! Let their song and beauty lure you during a relaxing and refreshing shower! 

This Mermaid Window Shower Curtain features: 

  • Stunning artwork by Julia Iredale @julia_iredale 

  • Holes for 12 shower hooks (hooks NOT included with the curtain) 

  • Measurements: 70-inches tall X 70-inches wide (178-cm tall X 178-cm wide)

Plastic liner curtain NOT included

Magical Edition Year 7, Part 1 FAQs


What is the Magical Edition Crate? 

This crate is a special edition one-time crate, exclusively from LitJoy Crate. It is NOT a subscription crate and must be purchased separately from our subscription crates. Once it is sold out, it will not be re-stocked.

What does it mean to be Magical VIP? 

Subscribing to the Magical Edition VIP list means you have guaranteed 24-hour early access to buy the Magical Edition Year 7, Part 1 Crate. We are essentially holding a crate spot with your name on it for 24-hours before we let the general public buy it. When sales go live, we will send an email to everyone on that list with a secret link to purchase. 

AFTER 24 HOURS, all the Year 7, Part 1 Crate spots we have left will be open to the general public, at which point they will most likely sell out quickly within 72 hours.

What can you expect in the Year 7, Part 1 crate?

Every item in this crate celebrates Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! You can expect 15+ items packed inside this crate!

When will the Year 7, Part 1 Crate ship?

The Year 7, Part 1 Crate is tentatively scheduled to ship the 1st week of December. This date can shift earlier or later as our Magical suppliers work hard to conjure products most magnificent and deliver them to LitJoy headquarters. As the date draws closer we will announce a more firm shipping schedule.

Do we ship to your country?

We currently ship to more than 60 countries. You can check out our full list of countries here. If your country is not listed, we would be happy to consider adding it. Just send a note to

Will there be Add-on options for the Year 7, Part 1 Crate?

Yes! We will have many items available as Add-Ons, both OLD FAVORITES and NEW ORIGINAL ITEMS, to add to your Year 7, Part 1 Crate! This means that you can purchase extra Magical Goodies and you pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEE. 

Year 7 Add-Ons can be purchased two ways:

1) You can add them to the cart with your crate and check out all at once. 

2) You can purchase the Year 7, Part 1 Crate first and then purchase the add-ons separately afterward. Add-on sales after about 1 week from opening. To purchase Add-ons, you MUST CREATE A LITJOY ACCOUNT at checkout! This lets the house elves know that you have purchased a Year 7, Part 1 Crate and we can offer you free shipping on Add-ons.

Magical Edition VIP Pro Tip! 

Create a LitJoy account ahead of time to speed up the checkout process in our shop! You don’t even need to buy anything. Just be sure to remember your username and password for later! When sales open for Year 7, Part 1, be signed in to your account.