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LitJoy Crate Presents:

Magical Edition Crate Year 7.2

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YEAR 7.2

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Magical Edition YEAR 7.2

We've entered the final battle at Hogwarts, and witches and wizards are preparing to follow He Who Must Not Be Named or The Chosen One. Now get your wands up and galleons out because the LitJoy Year 7.2 Magical Edition Crate is a box worthy of this epic finale! Friends will be remembered, love declared, spells cast, and light will triumph! We are beyond honored to offer you the final crate in an 8-crate series celebrating magical fans everywhere! 

Note: The LitJoy Magical Edition Crates will continue in the fall of 2020 with new themes and a new format! More magic more often!

What is the Magical Edition Crate? FAQs

What is the Magical Edition Crate? 

This crate is a special edition one-time crate, exclusively from LitJoy Crate. It is NOT a subscription crate and must be purchased separately from our subscription crates. Once it is sold out, it will not be re-stocked.

Can I buy past Magical Editions, like Year 5 or 6? 

No. All of our past Magical Crates are sold out and will not be re-stocked. Some individual items from past crates may be found for purchase in our Magical Collection Shop.

What does it mean to be Magical VIP? 

Subscribing to the Magical Edition VIP list means you have guaranteed 24-hour early access to buy the Magical Edition Year 7, Part 2 Crate. We are essentially holding a crate spot with your name on it for 24-hours before we let the general public buy it. When sales go live, we will send an email to everyone on that list with a secret link to purchase. 

AFTER 24 HOURS, all the Year 7, Part 2 Crate spots we have left will be open to the general public, at which point they will most likely sell out quickly within 72 hours.

Do we ship to your country?

We currently ship to more than 60 countries. You can check out our full list of countries here. If your country is not listed, we would be happy to consider adding it. Just send a note to

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