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LitJoy Crate Presents:

Magical Edition Crate: Year 7, Part 1

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Magical Edition Year 7, Part 1 FAQs

Sales Open:

Sales for Year 7, Part 1 open in September 2019


$75.00 US + shipping

What is the Magical Edition Crate? 

This crate is a special edition one-time crate, exclusively from LitJoy Crate. It is NOT a subscription crate and must be purchased separately from our subscription crates. Once it is sold out, it will not be re-stocked.

What does it mean to be Magical VIP? 

Subscribing to the Magical Edition VIP list means you have guaranteed 24-hour early access to buy the Magical Edition Year 7, Part 1 Crate. We are essentially holding a crate spot with your name on it for 24-hours before we let the general public buy it. When sales go live, we will send an email to everyone on that list with a secret link to purchase. 

AFTER 24 HOURS, all the Year 7, Part 1 Crate spots we have left will be open to the general public, at which point they will most likely sell out quickly within 72 hours.

What can you expect in the Year 7, Part 1 crate?

Every item in this crate celebrates Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! You can expect 12-15 items packed inside this crate!

When will the Year 7, Part 1 Crate ship?

The Year 7, Part 1 Crate is tentatively scheduled to ship the 3rd week in November. This date can shift earlier or later as our Magical suppliers work hard to conjure products most magnificent and deliver them to LitJoy headquarters. As the date draws closer we will announce a more firm shipping schedule.

Do we ship to your country?

We currently ship to more than 60 countries. You can check out our full list of countries here. If your country is not listed, we would be happy to consider adding it. Just send a note to

Will there be Add-on options for the Year 7, Part 1 Crate?

Yes! We will have many items available as Add-Ons, both OLD FAVORITES and NEW ORIGINAL ITEMS, to add to your Year 7, Part 1 Crate! This means that you can purchase extra Magical Goodies and you pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEE. 

Year 7 Add-Ons can be purchased two ways:

1) You can add them to the cart with your crate and check out all at once. 

2) You can purchase the Year 7, Part 1 Crate first and then purchase the add-ons separately afterward. Add-on sales after about 1 week from opening. To purchase Add-ons, you MUST CREATE A LITJOY ACCOUNT at checkout! This lets the house elves know that you have purchased a Year 7, Part 1 Crate and we can offer you free shipping on Add-ons.

Magical Edition VIP Pro Tip! 

Create a LitJoy account ahead of time to speed up the checkout process in our shop! You don’t even need to buy anything. Just be sure to remember your username and password for later! When sales open for Year 7, Part 1, be signed in to your account.