Rewards Program Policy


  • Once reward points have been redeemed into a coupon code they can not be put back into points.
  • Earned points and redeemed discount codes never expire and can be used one time on any future purchase. Redeemed rewards codes can be found on the account page(person icon).
  • Coupon codes may not be applied to orders that have already been processed. 
  • Only one coupon can be used per order.
  • Redeemed coupon codes can not be combined together.
  • If the discount code exceeds the product amount the remaining balance is forfeited and does not get added to customers account. 
  • Coupon codes do not apply toward shipping cost and taxes. 
  • Reward Points can only be exchanged for $5, $10, $25, $50, $75 or $150 coupon codes.



No cancellations will be awarded when the reward points gained from that order have been redeemed. 

If an order is canceled and refunded:

  • Points gained will be removed from customer’s account 
  • Any VIP Level status earned from the purchase will be returned to status prior to purchase 
  • Any order canceled will not be refunded a processing fee, and any applied coupon will be forfeited.  


Chargebacks:Any accounts with a chargeback claim will no longer have the use of the rewards program. All points in the account will be removed and any redeemed coupon codes will be deactivated. All outstanding orders will automatically be canceled



  • As long as you are a current customer you will stay at levels 1-3.  If you are not a current customer for a year you will drop down by one level. Not to worry, with your next purchase you will bump back up to your previous level.  
  • Diamond Dragon - Level 4
  • Is achieved based on the total amount spent with LitJoy since becoming a customer.  To remain in Level 4, there is an annual spend minimum requirement of $600.  
  • The annual loyalty gift is achieved after a full year and is eligible to get again after each calendar year.  
  • Both annual spend and the minimum spend for the annual loyalty gift is based on subtotal. Shipping, taxes, and Lunacorn membership fees are excluded. 
  • The annual loyalty gift is free to customers with no shipping fee.
  • There is one retention gift per Diamond Dragon customer per year after retention has been achieved.
  • Annual loyalty gift if forfeited if not claimed within one calendar year. 
  • The annual loyalty gift is not eligible to be swapped out for points or cash value.



  • Reward points are associated with email addresses and can not be combined or merged with another account. 
  • Total Spent and Reward Levels are unable to be merged with another account.



  • Lunacorn Membership fees do not count toward your lifetime spend.



Only reviews left through the link emailed to customers are eligible for reward points.

Reviews will not be posted if: 

  • The customer has not purchased the item they are reviewing. 
  • Review of an individual item when purchased with a crate. Only the full crate is eligible for review and must be left through the email link.
  • The customer has not yet received the product they are reviewing. 
  • The review contains profanity, fraud, or bullying. 
  • The review is irrelevant to the product. 
  • Mentions pricing
  • Contains personal information
  • Any review not approved by our system will not be eligible for reward points. 
  • Reviews can take up to 72 hours to be approved by our system and show up as points in your account. 
  • Certain products are excluded from leaving reviews.