Coraline Illustrated Special Edition


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Estimated Ship Date is Early 2024

Dare to enter a world of eerie enchantment with our next release in the Neil Gaiman collection . . . Coraline! Unveiling hidden doorways and button-eyed terrors, this darkly whimsical adventure will captivate your imagination. Coraline will have a new cover and interior illustrations by the talented @bohemianweasel! We can't wait for you to join Coraline as she ventures beyond the mundane and into the realm of the extraordinary. This special edition will be other-worldly!

The Coraline Illustrated Special Edition will feature:

  • A NEW cover with foil elements
  • Illustrated location endpapers
  • Custom page edges
  • Illustrated tip-in pages
  • In-text illustrations throughout the book

[SOLD OUT DURING EARLY ACCESS] The Coraline Collector's Illustrated Special Edition will include all features above plus:

  • Neil Gaiman's SIGNATURE
  • Gorgeous custom slipcase
  • There will only be a limited supply of these signed books.

Artist featured in Coraline:

  • Slipcase, cover designs, and interior illustrations by @bohemianweasel

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