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CRATE - Star Crossed Lover




About the Crate: When fate and time collide, lovers steal a moment together. But will it last? Declare your forbidden love from a balcony. Come with us to the most mysterious circus. Defy the odds of death with teenage love and dark humor. What is more powerful? . . . Loyalty to your nation and family or true love? Is your love strong enough to defeat time, a curse, and a prince? This November our Young Adult Subscriptions will feature fandoms with some of our favorite STAR CROSSED LOVERS of all time!

About the book: In our November book, the stakes could not be higher! When our devoted protagonist stumbles upon a covert military mission, she is faced with alliances and choices that will forever alter the world. Packed with intriguing religions, goddesses, demons, and military missions, this YA fantasy is a pure page-turner. Not to mention the gripping forbidden love story that unfolds! All around November’s book is a fantastic read!

Book Customizations: This LitJoy Crate custom edition book is signed by the author. It also includes the original dust jacket along with reversible art and tip-in artwork by Sophia Volovik (@sophia_volovik).

Items in the crate

  • Set of two Dish Towels: artwork by @phantomrin
  • Enamel Pin: artwork by @amanda_nelson_designco
  • Collectible Puzzle with artwork by @rosiethorns88
  • Collectible Photo Strips: Dune- with artwork by @sarahconradsen
  • Book Reading Light
  • Romeo and Juliet Ornament: artwork by