A Bookish Father's Day: 15 Unique Gifts for Bookworm Dads

A Bookish Father's Day: 15 Unique Gifts for Bookworm Dads

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In a world where ordinary gifts struggle to capture the essence of extraordinary dads, it's time to delve into the realm of LitJoy's carefully curated bookish gifts for a bookish Father's Day.

This Father's Day, abandon the predictable and ignite his imagination with a collection of treasures that celebrate the power of words. From timeless classics adorned with gothic flair to functional gifts that blend form and function, we have traversed literary landscapes to uncover the perfect presents for the book-loving patriarch in your life. Are you ready to embark on a journey of literary delight? Act now and bestow upon him a gift (or gifts) that will ignite his passion for reading.

Functional Bookish Gifts for Dads

Most dads tend to appreciate function over form, and we have some of the most functionally amazing gifts that dads will love to use while also being nice to look at.

Frankenstein book tin sold by LitJoy Crate

Frankenstein Book Tin

Level up your dad's bookshelf game with the Frankenstein book tin. Featuring the quote, “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful,” from Mary Shelley's literary gem, it adds a touch of Gothic flair. Dad will appreciate its versatility as a storage box for pens and pencils, combining functionality with his love for books.

Poseidon Teaspoon

Ignite your dad's inner sea god with this legendary gift from the gods. Crafted with the essence of Poseidon's might, the Poseidon Teaspoon bears his iconic trident and the empowering quote, "The sea does not like to be restrained." Perfect for stirring his morning pick-me-up, let your dad feel the untamed and ancient power of the sea with every sip.

Poseidon Teaspoon sold by LitJoy Crate

Haunted Shack Mug sold by LitJoy Crate

Haunted Shack Mug

Surprise your dad with the Haunted Shack Mug —a vessel that unravels the secrets of Britain's most haunted dwelling. Immerse yourself in the story where whispers of screams and eerie happenings conceal a safe haven for wizards to undergo magical transformations. Adorned with captivating illustrations, this mug reveals the tales of enduring friendship, as a group of boys unite to support their companion through the darkest of times. A unique gift that combines mystery, camaraderie, and a touch of magic.


Sometimes the AC is just turned up a bit too high for Dad when he's napping on the couch, so these blankets make a perfect gift!

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Indulge your introspective and literary-minded dad with The Picture of Dorian Gray Blanket , a captivating homage to Oscar Wilde's masterpiece. Wrapped in its artistic embrace, ponder the dichotomy of morality and immorality, just like Dorian's haunting portrait. The blanket's design mimics the infamous frame, while Wilde's timeless and thought-provoking quote, "There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all," reminds us of the essence of literature.

The Picture of Dorian Grey Blanket

Going Outside Is Overrated Blanket with Arms sold by LitJoy Crate

Going Outside Is Overrated

Or gear up for epic gaming sessions with the Going Outside Is Overrated Blanket with Arms , the ultimate Father's Day gift for gamer dads. Embrace its cozy warmth as you conquer virtual worlds or immerse yourself in riveting books. Designed with gamers and readers in mind, this fuzzy-style blanket captures the essence of geeky sci-fi, making every player feel like a triumphant champion. Level up your comfort game and embrace the joy of endless adventures.


Elevate your dad's book collection with meaningful bookends. For the wizard within, gift him the Brothers Bookends , representing a fable of humility and wisdom passed down through generations. Or choose the TBR bookends , perfect for keeping his To Be Read books organized and within reach. For fans of ACOTAR, the ACOTAR Velaris Bookends showcase the majestic Illyrian mountains and carry the inspiring quote, "There are good days and hard days for me—even now. Don't let the hard days win."

Various bookends sold by LitJoy Crate

Puzzle Fun for the Problem-Solving Dad

Myth & Magic

Various Puzzles sold by LitJoy Crate Give your dad the gift of a puzzle-solving adventure. Delight him with the 250-piece Hercules puzzle , featuring Pegasus, Zeus, the muses, and other mythical figures. Or challenge him with the 300-piece Legends and Lore puzzle , depicting the captivating tale of the three brothers. For those who revel in the mysterious, the 300-piece Dark Arts puzzle will immerse your dad in the world of enchantment.

Solve the Puzzle

Corvere Family Puzzle Box and Brooch

Or perhaps he likes the thrill of unraveling secrets. Help your dad unleash his inner sleuth and experience the intrigue of Nevernight with the Corvere Family Puzzle Box and Brooch . Challenge your dad with the intricate wooden puzzle to uncover the crow of Corvere brooch, symbolizing loyalty and strength.

Corvere Family Puzzle Box and Brooch sold by LitJoy Crate

Dad Decor

Light Boxes

Make Father's Day magical with these enchanting light boxes designed by @rosiethorns88 .

Various light boxes sold by LitJoy Crate The Elven Home Light Box , will immerse him in a journey along a serene river to a hidden city. Or let him celebrate our favorite halfling's 111th birthday with the Halfling Bookshelf Alley . Or help him discover the captivating tale of the three brothers with the Brothers Light Box . Or maybe indulge his Jay Kristoff fandom with the Darkin Shadow Light Box , showcasing the fierce assassin and her shadow daemons. Illuminate Dad's imagination and create a captivating ambiance in his space.

Gray Wizard Reading Sign

Unleash your dad's inner wizard in his own realm (or man cave) with the Gray Wizard Reading Sign . This acrylic masterpiece captures the heroism and magic that ignited our love for fantasy. Featuring a bold sorcerer with sword and staff and the iconic quote, "You shall not pass . . . while my book is still open," it's a must-have for his enchanted space or reading nook.

Grey Wizard Reading Sign sold by LitJoy Crate

Mythology Tarot Enamel Pins

Mythology Tarot Enamel Pins sold by LitJoy Crate

Unlock the divine power within with Mythology Tarot Enamel Pins . Each pin showcases a god or goddess, accompanied by a full-sized tarot card. Allow your dad to embrace the radiant energy of Apollo , the strength of Hercules , the wisdom of Athena , and more. A perfect Father's Day gift for dads who appreciate the mystical realms of mythology and tarot to pin on his everyday backpack, office bag, or wherever his heart desires!

Dad Reads

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Celebrate Father's Day in style with the exquisite LitJoy Classics edition of The Great Gatsby . F. Scott Fitzgerald's timeless masterpiece transports readers to the captivating world of Jazz Age New York. This edition boasts a custom cover adorned with enchanting artwork by @juliedillonart , five full-page illustrations, special interior end pages, a vibrant bookmark ribbon, gilded gold edges, and a custom slipcase featuring artwork by @timbeeren . Immerse Dad in the allure of this literary gem, beautifully presented for generations to come.
The Great Gatsby Special Edition sold by LitJoy Crate

Bram Stoker's Dracula Sold by LitJoy Crate

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Uncover your dad's inner vampire hunter with LitJoy's demonic special edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula . This gothic horror classic, originally published in 1897, is revived with a hauntingly unique cover by @audreybenjaminsenart . With tip-in art by @checanty and @tropicalgloom , custom end pages, designed page edges, and a vellum tip-in overlay, this edition is a frightfully one-of-a-kind treasure. Join the battle against the devilish Dracula and indulge in the allure of classic gothic horror this Father's Day.

LitJoy Crates

LitJoy has already gathered some of the above items in themed crates that are sure to wow your book loving dad!

Legends and Lore Crate

Is your dad a fan of all things magical? We have a crate that includes 7 items curated perfectly for the magical dad in your life. This specific crate includes a hollow Advanced Potion Making book box with a puzzle inside, a Secret Chamber Notebook, Brothers Bookends, the Haunted Shack Ceramic Mug, Red Crystal Philosophers Stone, Legends and Lore theme artwork print, and a Dark Wizard Adventure Card.

Legends and Lore Crate sold by LitJoy Crate

Gods and Vikings Crate

Gods and Vikings Crate sold by LitJoy Crate

Embark on a thrilling voyage this Father's Day with the Gods and Vikings Crate. Allow Dad to explore mysterious lands, encounter axe-wielding gods, and brave legendary creatures across the Nordic sea. Send him on an inner adventurer with items like The Story Notebook, Camp Demigod Beanie, Hercules Puzzle, and more. He'll set sail for an unforgettable journey filled with magic, destiny, and epic tales. Don't let him miss out on this immersive experience of a lifetime!

Ignite your dad's imagination this Father's Day with LitJoy's bookish gifts, from functional Frankenstein book tins to captivating puzzles and enchanting light boxes. Celebrate his love for literature and create lasting memories!

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