Enchanting Insights: Unveiling ACOTAR Character Enneagrams

Enchanting Insights: Unveiling ACOTAR Character Enneagrams

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The enchanting realm of A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, drawing them into a world teeming with magic, romance, and intricate characters. Among the many intriguing aspects of this series, the concept of character Enneagrams has gained significant attention. Enneagrams offer a unique lens through which to explore the depths of the ACOTAR characters' personalities, shedding light on their motivations, fears, and growth. As the popularity of ACOTAR continues to soar, the fascination with character Enneagrams grows, providing fans with a fresh perspective on their beloved heroes and heroines.

What Is the Enneagram of Personality?

Before go into the enchanting realm of ACOTAR character Enneagrams, it is essential to grasp the essence of this powerful tool for understanding personality types. Enneagrams are a dynamic system rooted in ancient wisdom that identifies nine distinct personality types. Each type represents a unique set of core motivations, fears, and desires that shape an individual's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Understanding the Enneagram types is like deciphering the hidden codes that unlock the depths of human psyche, providing profound insights into the characters we encounter within the ACOTAR universe.

The Nine

  1. Type 1 - The Perfectionist
  2. Type 2 - The Helper
  3. Type 3 - The Achiever
  4. Type 4 - The Individualist
  5. Type 5 - The Investigator
  6. Type 6 - The Loyalist
  7. Type 7 - The Enthusiast
  8. Type 8 - The Challenger
  9. Type 9 - The Peacemaker
enneagram symbol with numbers and arrows

ACOTAR Characters and Their Enneagram

Let us now embark on an exploration of the ACOTAR characters and their corresponding Enneagram types, unearthing the intricacies that make them so captivating, but first let's thank @gonzalom.art for the ACOTAR fan art!

Feyre - The Resilient Artist (Type 4)

ACOTAR Feyre fanart LitJoy Crate Feyre, the resilient protagonist of the series, embodies the creative and introspective nature of a Type 4 personality. Her journey from a life of hardship to one of immense power and self-discovery is a testament to her deep-seated longing for authenticity and emotional depth. Feyre's artistic nature and ability to feel intensely resonate with the core characteristics of a Type 4. With a wing leaning towards Type 5, Feyre's thirst for knowledge and understanding adds another layer to her complexity.

Rhysand - The Mysterious Visionary (Type 8)

ACOTAR Rhysand fanart LitJoy Crate Rhysand, the charismatic and enigmatic High Lord of the Night Court in the ACOTAR series, embodies the traits of an Enneagram Type 8w9. As a Type 8, Rhysand displays immense strength, confidence, and a commanding presence. He fearlessly challenges authority, fights for justice, and fiercely protects those he cares about. Rhysand's 9 wing adds a touch of peacekeeping and harmonizing energy, allowing him to maintain stability and create a sense of unity among his allies. This combination of assertiveness and diplomacy makes Rhysand a formidable leader, known for his unwavering loyalty and dedication to his cause.

Mor - The Harmonious Diplomat (Type 9)

ACOTAR fan art Mor Night Court LitJoy Crate Mor, the vivacious and diplomatic member of the Night Court, resonates with the attributes of a Type 9 personality. Her ability to mediate conflicts, seek harmony, and maintain relationships underscores her role as a peacemaker. Mor's unwavering loyalty and desire for a peaceful existence are indicative of the core characteristics of a Type 9. Mor's wing leans towards Type 3, showcasing her drive for success and achievement.

Amren - The Mysterious Strategist (Type 5)

ACOTAR fan art Amren fanart ACOTAR Character Enneagrams LitJoy Crate Amren, the enigmatic and formidable character, embodies the qualities of a Type 5 personality. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and analytical mindset make her an invaluable strategist and advisor, while her preference for solitude is a hallmark trait of a 5. Amren's wing leans towards Type 6, revealing her loyal and protective nature towards those she cares about.

Azriel - The Silent Observer (Type 5)

ACOTAR fan art Azriel fan art LitJoy Crate Azriel, the Shadowsinger and loyal member of the Night Court, exemplifies the traits of a Type 5 personality. His introverted nature, observant demeanor, and exceptional skills as a spy align with the core characteristics of a 5. Azriel's mysterious aura and silent strength contribute to his enigmatic appeal, captivating readers as they unravel the depths of his character. Azriel's wing leans towards Type 4, adding depth and emotional complexity to his quiet demeanor.

Cassian - The Fearless Warrior (Type 8)

ACOTAR fan art Cassian fanart LitJoy Crate Cassian, the mighty Illyrian general, embodies the fearless and assertive traits of a Type 8 personality. His unwavering strength and protective nature make him a formidable ally. With a wing leaning towards Type 7, Cassian also possesses a zest for life, embracing adventures and seeking new experiences. Cassian's indomitable spirit and willingness to confront challenges head-on make him an inspiring and dynamic character within the ACOTAR series.

Nesta - The Complex Individualist (Type 4)

Nesta fanart ACOTAR fan art created by @gonzalom.art Nesta, Feyre's strong-willed, complex and multifaceted sister, resonates with the attributes of a Type 4 personality. As a Type 4, Nesta possesses a rich inner world, driven by her search for authenticity, uniqueness, and depth of emotion. She often grapples with feelings of longing and a desire to be understood. Nesta's 5 wing adds a touch of introspection and intellectual curiosity, fueling her need for knowledge and self-sufficiency. This combination creates a complex character who is both emotionally intense and intellectually independent. Nesta's journey showcases her struggle to find her place in the world, embrace her vulnerabilities, and navigate the depths of her own emotions.

Elain - The Gentle Peacemaker (Type 9)

ACOTAR fan art Elain fan art LitJoy Crate Elain, the kind-hearted and empathetic member of the Archeron family, embodies the qualities of a Type 9 personality. Her desire for harmony, aversion to conflict, and nurturing nature align with the core characteristics of this Enneagram type. Elain's wing leans towards Type 1, highlighting her innate sense of responsibility and desire for perfection. Her journey of self-acceptance and her ability to bring people together with her gentle spirit make her a beloved character.

Tamlin - The Protective Provider (Type 6)

ACOTAR fan art Tamlin fanart LitJoy Crate Tamlin, the initially charming High Lord, embodies the traits of a Type 6 personality. His sense of duty and loyalty often drives him to protect those under his care, though it can also manifest as possessiveness and an over reliance on others. With a wing leaning towards Type 7, Tamlin displays moments of adventurousness and a desire for freedom. Tamlin's inner conflicts, struggles with trust, and the consequences of his actions add complexity to his character arc.

Lucien - The Loyal Friend (Type 2)

ACOTAR fan art Lucien fan art LitJoy Crate Lucien, the charismatic and fiercely loyal friend, exemplifies the characteristics of a Type 2 personality. Always ready to lend a helping hand and provide emotional support, Lucien's actions are driven by his deep-seated need for love and acceptance. Lucien's wing leans towards Type 3, which fuels his ambition and desire for success.

The Suriel - The Wise Sage (Type 5)

ACOTAR fan art Suriel fan art Sarah J. Maas LitJoy Crate The Suriel, an ancient mystical being in the ACOTAR series known for its wisdom and knowledge, embodies the traits of an Enneagram Type 5. As a Type 5, The Suriel is characterized by its thirst for knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and a tendency to withdraw to preserve energy. The Suriel's 6 wing adds a touch of loyalty and a cautious nature, seeking security and guidance from trusted sources. This combination creates a character who is both deeply insightful and cautious in sharing its wisdom. The Suriel serves as a source of information and guidance for Feyre, drawing upon its vast knowledge and observing the world from a unique perspective.

Amarantha - The Manipulative Tyrant (Type 8)

ACOTAR fan art Amarantha fanart Amarantha, the primary antagonist in the first book of the ACOTAR series, embodies the traits of an Enneagram Type 8. Amarantha is driven by a strong desire for control, dominance, and power. She exhibits a commanding presence, asserting her authority and seeking to manipulate others to achieve her goals. Amarantha's 7 wing adds a touch of impulsiveness and a hunger for new experiences, making her a formidable and unpredictable adversary. This combination creates a character who is assertive, ruthless, and willing to go to great lengths to achieve her ambitions. Amarantha's Enneagram type and wings contribute to her portrayal as a dominating force within the narrative, representing the darker side of power and manipulation.


The exploration of ACOTAR character Enneagrams brings us closer to understanding the intricacies of these beloved literary figures. Sarah J. Maas's masterful storytelling intertwines their Enneagram types with their experiences, shaping their growth, and defining their relationships. The ever-growing popularity of ACOTAR, fueled by readers' intrigue and the imaginative curation of LitJoy Crate, continues to spark conversations and inspire a deeper appreciation for the enchanting worlds created by Sarah J. Maas.

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